At The B2B Marketer we offer experts the opportunity to provide content, adding value for our readers and giving you the exposure that will promote you, your organisation and your brand and position you as a B2B thought leader.

You can write on any topic, issue or trend that conceivably falls under B2B marketing.  Examples of areas we are interested in include:

  • Industry Trends and Insights: Covering the latest trends, innovations, and emerging technologies in B2B marketing can provide valuable insights to readers. This could include articles discussing advancements in marketing automation, account-based marketing (ABM), data-driven marketing, personalization, or influencer marketing within the B2B context.
  • Case Studies and Success Stories: Sharing real-world examples of successful B2B marketing campaigns, strategies, and outcomes can inspire and educate readers. Case studies can highlight different industry sectors, campaign objectives, and tactics employed, providing actionable takeaways and best practices.
  • Thought Leadership and Expert Interviews: Featuring interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and successful B2B marketers can offer valuable perspectives, advice, and strategic insights. These interviews can cover topics such as marketing strategies, customer experience, lead generation, or the future of B2B marketing.
  • Content Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies: B2B marketers are often interested in content marketing tactics, lead generation techniques, and strategies to attract and engage target audiences. Articles on content creation, distribution channels, lead nurturing, SEO, social media, and email marketing can be highly relevant.
  • Marketing Analytics and Measurement: B2B marketers rely on data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions. Content that delves into marketing analytics tools, metrics, ROI measurement, and data-driven decision-making can be valuable for readers.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): ABM has gained significant popularity in B2B marketing. Articles exploring ABM strategies, best practices, technology solutions, and successful ABM campaigns can provide practical guidance to readers looking to implement or optimize ABM within their organizations.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: B2B marketing and sales teams often work in tandem. Content that focuses on aligning sales and marketing efforts, improving collaboration, and driving revenue growth through integrated strategies can be beneficial.
  • Digital Marketing and Technology: Given the digital landscape, content covering digital marketing strategies, marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, AI-powered marketing tools, and other relevant technologies can be of interest to B2B marketers.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Updates: B2B marketing is subject to various regulations and compliance requirements. Content that provides updates on privacy laws (e.g., GDPR), data protection, email marketing regulations, and compliance best practices can help readers navigate these challenges.


Your content could appear along side a profile of you that includes a short biography and a photo that would be accessible directly from the The B2B Marketer homepage.

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The criteria that we use to judge whether the piece will be of interest to our audience is as followed:

  • The article is evidence-based – The best synopsis & articles contain statistics and evidence to back up its claims. This gives the overall piece more credibility and allows readers to understand what has influenced the advice given. It also ensures that they will be able to trace back the sources if they want to read more on the topic.
  • The author will be an expert – We really encourage those who are experts within their fields to submit to our site. Ultimately, our audience want to hear from leading experts who can display thought-leadership and effective and applicable advice.
  • The article contains actionable advice – we want readers to be buzzing with ideas after they have read your article and keen to get back to work to implement new tools and technique.  If the sum total of the advice you can provide amounts to ‘this is the problem, to solve it use our service’ we will reject your submission.  Of course service providers can briefly mention their expertise and even include a case study of a project – but there must be more to your article than that. Are there things the reader can do for free or cheaply that don’t involve buying your service?  Show your expertise and recommend some of those as well – in the long term this will reflect well on you and your readers may still come to you later for a more professional or comprehensive solution!
  • The advice must be applicable across sectors – Our readership is diverse and hail from multiple industry sectors. If the synopsis provided is too narrow in its focus, it is likely that the advice within the article will be too niche to be of interest to all of our audience.
  • The article is interesting – We receive many pieces from different authors that often cover the same topics. The best articles are the ones which focus on areas we have not covered/rarely cover. Due to this, it is advisable to look at what has been posted on this topic previously to ensure you are not covering the same ground. In addition, the article should be engaging and well-written – something that would really be enjoyed by a knowledgeable marketing professional.
  • The article is not just a promotion of the author’s company/services/business – The author should have some well-thought out and genuinely interesting ideas or comments related to the topic they want to discuss. If it is evident to us that the author is using the article to garner free promotion, we will not run the piece. It is very evident when authors choose to put promoting their business first and the content of the article second so please do not do this.
  • The article has strong opinions – the author should believe in the copy they’re writing, and your strong beliefs should come across on the page. The editor might return copy occasionally for stronger opinion to be added.
  • We expect you to promote your article as well – we will ask you to promote the published article, for example on your company website or via your personal social media platforms.  If you are not able or willing to do this then we may decline to publish your piece.
  • Your content must be exclusive to us  – by this we mean that the same piece is not published in any other magazine or website – including your own (this is important for SEO reasons).

Generally, published analysis pieces are between 800-1500 words. Once we have read over the synopsis and feel that it meets the criteria above, we will ask you to submit your content via our author portal, along with relevant supporting information such as a biography, social media links and an image of the author.

We reserve the right not to publish articles for any reason.

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Some simple guidelines for our writing style…

  • UK English
  • Please spell numbers under 10 (don’t use numerals) except in headings
  • Please write ‘percent’ in body copy but use “%” for figures in brackets e.g. (3%)
  • Generally please ‘close’ words such as website (not “web site” or “web-site”), wellbeing (not “well being” or “well-being”)


We are happy to accept additional images to accompany the article, e.g.. illustrations, graphs, tables.

(Please ensure we are granted permission to use any images or that they are copyright free. We accept no responsibility for image royalties and will pass any charges and/or fines for illegally submitted images directly back to the supplier)

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