BuyerForesight and Common Sense Conferences unveil the London Partner Pulse Unconference, set to take place on May 22, 2024, at the DoubleTree by Hilton London – West End.

Tailored exclusively for senior B2B partnership professionals in the London area, this event promises a unique platform for networking and knowledge exchange to elevate partner ecosystems.

Breaking away from traditional conference formats, the London Partner Pulse Unconference fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. With an expected attendance of 60-70 senior professionals, participants can look forward to dynamic sessions where industry leaders engage in open dialogue, sharing insights and strategies to drive ecosystem-driven growth.

Immersive Learning Sessions

Attendees will immerse themselves in interactive sessions focused on unlocking margin expansion, co-marketing challenges and rewards, and enhancing the visibility of joint campaign performance. Moreover, discussions will delve into the art of garnering C-level support for partnerships by demonstrating the strategic value of ecosystem-led growth.

The London Partner Pulse Unconference serves as a pivotal platform for senior executives to refine partnership strategies, tackle industry challenges, and leverage opportunities within their ecosystems. By participating in this event, professionals can gain invaluable insights, expand their network, and empower their partnership initiatives to achieve tangible business outcomes.

To join industry peers, gain fresh perspectives, and propel your partnership initiatives to new heights, register for the London Partner Pulse Unconference. Visit here for registration and event details.

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