Oktopost, a leader in B2B social media management solutions, has unveiled its Advocacy Gamification Engine, a transformative addition to its platform aimed at invigorating employee advocacy programmes.

This new feature injects a sense of competition and fun into traditional advocacy initiatives, fostering engagement and motivation among participants.

Oktopost’s Advocacy Gamification Engine represents a significant step forward in employee advocacy, offering dynamic competitions that incentivise participation. By introducing customizable points systems and segmented leaderboards, Oktopost aims to revolutionise how brands motivate and recognise their advocates, making advocacy programmes more engaging and rewarding.

Driving Long-Term Engagement

The persistent challenge of maintaining long-term engagement in employee advocacy programmes is addressed head-on by Oktopost’s Gamification Engine. By making participation more rewarding and competitive, this feature increases a brand’s ability to sustain engagement over time, expanding its reach and generating awareness across social media platforms.

Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, highlights the importance of consistent advocate engagement in brand marketing.

“Employee advocacy is crucial for brand marketing, yet its success hinges on consistent advocate engagement,” he explains. “In response to feedback from our customers seeking more engaging and rewarding advocacy programs, we developed the Gamification Engine. This innovation cultivates a vibrant, competitive atmosphere that not only encourages ongoing participation but also elevates the entire advocacy experience. With features like customisable points, segmented leaderboards, and real-time rankings, we are empowering our clients to maximize the impact of their advocacy efforts.”

Oktopost’s Gamification Engine is set to transform employee advocacy by offering a more engaging and enjoyable experience. With features like customizable points systems and segmented leaderboards, it addresses crucial challenges in sustaining interest and promoting fair competition, ultimately enhancing the appeal and impact of employee advocacy initiatives. For more information on Oktopost’s Gamification Engine, visit their blog announcement.

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