In today’s dynamic B2B marketing landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The recent launch of the Customer Journey Toolkit, by the author of “Lookers into Bookers,” promises to be a fun and thought provoking tool to use for brainstorming and ideas generation by businesses seeking to refine their marketing strategies.

This toolkit is set to seamlessly integrate marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer’s buying journey, unlocking untapped potential.

Unlocking Marketing Potential

As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, a comprehensive marketing strategy has become more essential than ever. The Customer Journey Toolkit is designed to meet this need. It aims to help businesses eliminate blind spots and create deeper connections between their teams and their company vision.

Starting from September 1st, the toolkit will be available on Kickstarter, offering early adopters an exclusive opportunity to harness its transformative capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, a new or established business, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this toolkit promises to be a valuable asset in the world of B2B marketing.

Tailored for Every Business

One of the toolkit’s key strengths is its adaptability. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur taking your first steps or a well-established business with an experienced team, the Customer Journey Toolkit is designed to be your trusted companion. It caters to businesses at any stage, from newcomers entering the market to seasoned entities looking to boost their revenue.

Two Specialized Toolkits

The toolkit offers two specialized options:

  1. Tourism & Travel Toolkit: This option is ideal for tour operators, travel businesses, marketing agencies, tech companies, consultants, and business coaches. It provides a comprehensive exploration of the customer purchase journey and involves staff and guides in the company’s success.
  2. Product & Service Toolkit: Designed for retail businesses, software & subscription services, marketing agencies, B2C and B2B enterprises, consultants, and business coaches. This toolkit transforms client meetings into unforgettable interactive experiences, leaving a lasting impression of innovation and creativity.


Discover the power of the Customer Journey Toolkit: more than a tool, it’s your marketing ally. Refine strategies, address blind spots, and align your team with your vision.

Chris Torres, Toolkit Inventor and Founder of the Tourism Marketing Agency


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