ROAR Digital Marketing, a prominent digital marketing agency based in Tyneside, is celebrating an impressive milestone, having witnessed a phenomenal 200% surge in turnover within a mere two-year period. The agency is now poised to double its annual turnover for the second consecutive year, edging closer to the remarkable half-a-million-pound mark in the ongoing financial term.

In the 2022/23 financial year, ROAR Digital Marketing achieved a noteworthy 100% increase in turnover, reaching £282,000. Building on this success, the agency is set to double this figure yet again in the 2023/24 fiscal year, as it sets its sights on the ambitious £550,000 milestone.

ROAR Digital Marketing, renowned for its Search Engine Marketing services, specialises in strategic SEO and PPC solutions. Although headquartered in Tyneside, the agency boasts a diverse clientele spanning the UK and extending into Europe. The agency’s remarkable growth trajectory can be traced back to its inception in 2016, founded by Michael Knowles, a former Google Digital Trainer and university lecturer. Notably, ROAR’s client base has more than doubled in the past year alone.

Reflecting on the agency’s journey, Michael Knowles commented, “Reflecting back to when the company was close to collapse when Covid-19 hit, the growth ROAR Digital Marketing has experienced ever since has been remarkable. It’s been a long and difficult journey to get to where we are but, with the hard work of the excellent team here, we have consistently provided a professional and knowledgeable service to ensure we improve business’ search engine rankings and significantly boost their online visibility.”

Michael further expressed his pride in the team’s exceptional results and their dedication to clients from diverse sectors. He anticipates continued growth for ROAR Digital Marketing in the coming years, both at an individual and team level.

ROAR’s clientele spans the UK, with a substantial proportion based in London. The agency recently celebrated a significant milestone by acquiring its first fully international client in the insurance industry. As the agency’s client base has expanded, so has its team, with the number of staff members increasing from two to six within a span of just 12 months. The agency’s recent appointment of an experienced sales manager, Chris Graham, further strengthens its team and marks a strategic move towards the creation and leadership of a dedicated sales division for ROAR.

Michael Knowles expressed his excitement about the agency’s growth, saying, “It’s been great to watch the team grow as more businesses enlist our services, and I’m excited to be in the privileged position where we are looking to recruit further team members which will allow us to work with even more amazing companies.”

With its remarkable growth trajectory, ROAR Digital Marketing is poised for continued success in the competitive digital marketing landscape, serving clients across the UK and Europe with unwavering commitment and expertise.



Image: Michael Knowles, left, with staff members at ROAR Digital Marketing


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