SmartSites, a digital marketing agency, has recently released its highly awaited list of the Top 20 Website Heatmap Tools. Compiled to aid marketers, web developers, and business owners, the list offers invaluable insights for choosing the most effective tools for analysing user behaviour on websites.

In an ever-competitive digital environment, understanding how users interact with websites has become crucial for enhancing user experience and optimising conversion rates. Heatmaps serve as a powerful visual aid in comprehending this interaction, revealing everything from click patterns to scroll behaviour. As Michael Melen, Co-Founder of SmartSites, stated, “In our ongoing efforts to empower businesses with the best digital tools, we felt the need to evaluate and rank the plethora of heatmap tools available in the market.” The list is a culmination of exhaustive research considering various factors such as usability, integrations, mobile support, real-time analytics, and user reviews.

What Heatmap Tools Do for Businesses

Heatmap software is an analytical tool that visually maps and colour-codes visitor interactions on a webpage. Unlike traditional metrics, which may only provide an overview of page views or bounce rates, heatmaps offer a deeper understanding of how users navigate and interact with a website. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, fine-tuning elements like content placement, link positioning, and call-to-action buttons to better meet their audience’s needs.

When selecting a heatmap software, it is essential to consider its ease of use, the types of heatmaps it offers (such as click, scroll, or move heatmaps), and whether it provides real-time data. Other helpful features to look for include session recordings, conversion funnels, and A/B testing capabilities.

The Award for Best Heatmap Software Goes to….

The top position in the list was clinched by Plerdy Website Heatmap Tool, a Ukrainian company employing between 10 to 50 people. Plerdy stood out due to its comprehensive features, including click and scroll heatmaps, an SEO-checker, and a unique Sales Performance heatmap that illustrates which website sections are contributing to sales. User reviews have also praised Plerdy for its ease of use and valuable insights.

Plerdy outshone its competitors for several reasons:

  • High online user reviews (4.9 stars on Capterra & Getapp; 4.5 stars on G2)
  • Real-time tracking capabilities
  • Skill in handling dynamic elements on websites
  • Custom user group features and segmentation by traffic channels
  • Advanced filtering options, including the ability to hide empty clicks
  • Adaptability to website design changes
  • Easy identification of least effective website elements
  • More affordable pricing compared to competitors
  • Notable client base including Subaru, Honda, and Samcart

By employing heatmap tools, businesses can gain a richer understanding of their website’s design effectiveness, ultimately enabling them to optimise their digital strategies for improved engagement and conversion rates.

19 other heatmap tools were also assessed for these awards and you may find some of these others are more suitable for your use case. For further details on SmartSites’ Top 20 Website Heatmap Tools, you can visit their official list for UX insights here


Image Credit: SmartSites

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