Microsoft Advertising unveils a strategic guide, providing marketers with key insights and actionable tips for the 2023 festive season.

Microsoft Advertising has introduced a detailed guide, “Your Festive Season Marketing Playbook,” designed to assist marketers in crafting effective advertising strategies for the upcoming holiday season. The guide seeks to enable advertising teams to navigate and adapt to the shifting consumer behaviours and trends during this crucial shopping period.

Early Planning Essential for Effective Campaigns The guide underscores the criticality of initiating campaign planning at an early stage. Historical data reveals that brands witnessed a notable surge in website visits and purchases in September and October across the United States and the EMEA region, with 44% of clicks and 40% of conversions occurring at a 5% lower CPC during these months. Meanwhile, Australian consumers typically kick off their holiday shopping in early November. Consequently, brands are encouraged to strategically plan their budgets to capitalise on the entire festive season.

October Clicks: A Pivotal Factor in Holiday Conversions The Playbook highlights the significant impact of October clicks on holiday conversions, revealing that, on average, 67% of November purchases and 50% of December purchases were directly linked to consumer clicks in October. Microsoft Advertising advocates for the utilisation of remarketing, in-market audiences, and its automated bidding strategies to effectively capture deal seekers, who typically engage in multiple searches prior to making a purchase.

Deal Seeking: A Prevailing Consumer Trend Moreover, the Playbook brings to light the emerging trend of deal-seeking among consumers. Over two-thirds of US shoppers and a substantial number of EMEA shoppers dedicate a significant amount of time to searching for coupons and deals, with the latter spending 33% more time searching compared to the average shopper.

Diversifying Ad Strategies for Optimal Reach The Playbook also accentuates the dividends of adopting a diversified advertising strategy. Data from the Microsoft Advertising Network indicates that 28% of holiday ad clicks were derived from mobile devices, which also contributed to 22% of total retail conversions. This data underscores the necessity of employing a multi-channel approach to effectively reach consumers across various platforms.

Accessible Insights for Marketers Marketers aiming to amplify their holiday ad reach and conversion rates can download the Festive Season Marketing Playbook directly from Microsoft Advertising’s website. The guide provides practical tips and insights, grounded in the latest trends and consumer expectations for the 2023 holiday season, offering marketers a robust framework to enhance their advertising strategies during this pivotal period.

In conclusion, Microsoft Advertising’s Festive Season Marketing Playbook serves as a comprehensive guide, offering marketers a wealth of insights and actionable tips to navigate the complexities of holiday advertising. With a focus on early planning, recognising the importance of October clicks, understanding the rising trend of deal-seeking, and the benefits of a diversified ad strategy, the guide provides a strategic framework to enhance ad reach and conversions during the festive season.

You can get the free guide here.


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