In a strategic move to bolster its digital presence across key Northern European markets, Ellos Group, a prominent fashion and home retailer, has entered into a collaborative partnership with global digital marketing powerhouse, Jellyfish, and the formidable Brandtech Group. This alliance, announced on Tuesday, 10th October 2023, is set to enhance brand recognition, drive sales, and expand market share in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, and Denmark, leveraging Jellyfish’s renowned expertise in organic search.

The Brandtech Group, having acquired Jellyfish, has metamorphosed into a digital marketing behemoth, boasting over 1 billion dollars in turnover. This partnership signifies its intent to further expand its organic search reach in Northern Europe, a region where Ellos Group has a substantial market presence.

Jotex, a distinguished home interior brand operating under the Ellos Group, is also part of this collaboration, aiming to amplify its presence in the aforementioned markets. The partnership is not only strategic in nature but also builds upon a foundation laid two years prior, when Ellos Group initially engaged Jellyfish for a data project. This evolved into a comprehensive partnership, with Jellyfish aiding in elevating Ellos’ digital maturity to become a pioneer in retail innovation with a robust commerce framework.


Bine Johanson and Markus Danielsson Share Insights on the Partnership

Bine Johanson, Managing Director of Northern Europe at Jellyfish, expressed her enthusiasm about the ongoing projects within the Ellos Group, stating, “Continuing to secure projects within the Ellos Group is a testament to the immense trust and value they place in us to drive forward their business objectives.” She highlighted the exhilaration of the collaboration and noted the strategic and cultural alignment between the entities as “truly remarkable.” Johanson added, “Adding Jotex as a client fills us with delight, and we are excited to embark on the next phase of this extraordinary journey together.”

Similarly, Markus Danielsson, Head of Marketing and Communication at Jotex, conveyed his optimism about working with Jellyfish. “We are thrilled to start working with Jellyfish and taking the next step within SEO, and we are confident that this partnership will bring great success in building Jotex awareness,” he commented.


A Closer Look at Jellyfish’s Global Impact in Digital Marketing

Jellyfish, since its inception in 2005, has carved out a niche as a global digital marketing entity that partners with brands to optimise their marketing performance in a platform-centric world. The company, which is part of The Brandtech Group, has a client roster that includes notable names such as Google, Netflix, Bissell, Uber, and Sanofi.

Jellyfish stands out in its ability to help brands navigate, connect, and harness the platforms that drive growth and engagement. With a workforce of thousands spread across 38 offices worldwide, the business melds agency services, consultancy, training, and technology to shape the digital future of its clients. It has also earned its stripes as one of the industry’s most globally certified companies across various platforms, including Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Amazon, and Meta.


Brandtech Group’s Mission and Future Endeavours

The Brandtech Group, with its mission to excel in aiding global brands to drive growth by synergising content, data, and media through technology, has established itself as a pivotal player in the digital marketing arena. The acquisition of Jellyfish and the subsequent partnership with Ellos Group underscores its commitment to expanding its organic search reach in Northern Europe, thereby facilitating brands in enhancing their digital footprint and achieving their business objectives in the region.

In a landscape that is continually evolving, the strategic alliance between Ellos Group, Jellyfish, and Brandtech Group promises to navigate the intricacies of the digital marketing world, offering a blend of expertise, technology, and strategic insight that is poised to elevate the digital presence and market reach of the involved entities across Northern Europe. This partnership, therefore, not only signifies a collaborative effort to achieve individual business objectives but also reflects a collective stride towards shaping the future of digital marketing in the region.


Image: Bine Johanson, Jellyfish’s Managing Director, Northern Europe
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