Vudoo, a trailblazer in content commerce and in-stream checkout solutions, has initiated its international expansion with the establishment of a London office. This strategic move marks the first step in Vudoo’s plans for global outreach.

In conjunction with its international foray, Vudoo has appointed Nathalie Curtis-Lethbridge as Global Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and North America regions. Reporting directly to Vudoo’s Founder and CEO, Nick Morgan, Curtis-Lethbridge is tasked with spearheading the company’s global growth and bolstering its presence in the EMEA market.

Dileep Yogasingham, Director of Strategic Accounts for EMEA, has relocated from Australia to Vudoo’s London office, and further hiring announcements are imminent. Manuela Cadd, formerly Director of Regional Go-to-Market at Criteo, will join Vudoo as Head of Strategic Business Partnerships, based in Australia. Over the next year, Vudoo plans to appoint Managing Directors for the North America and APAC regions and establish offices in North America.

Curtis-Lethbridge founded Atonik Digital in 2012, a specialised international agency focusing on content and content monetisation, streamed entertainment, strategic partnerships, market entry, and growth. She has consistently worked at the intersection of content, technology, and monetisation, serving a prestigious clientele comprising US studios, telecommunications companies, content platforms, content tech innovators, and content producers.


Expanding to Meet Growing Demand

Vudoo’s international expansion coincides with the surging growth of content commerce, driven by a substantial increase in demand for its pioneering technology. The explosive growth of retail media is noteworthy, with advertising revenue from this sector forecast to reach $125.7 billion by the end of 2023.

Founded in Australia by entrepreneur and ecommerce pioneer Nick Morgan, Vudoo has established valuable partnerships with prominent publishers such as News Corp, Are Media, and New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME). Vudoo’s global client portfolio includes notable names like Forever New, S&P Global, Kohler, Hilton, Samsung, Moët & Chandon, Burberry, Dyson, Lexus, Hotel Clicquot, and Sunday Riley.

Nick Morgan, Founder and CEO of Vudoo, expressed enthusiasm for the company’s global expansion, citing fantastic results with existing clients. He emphasised that the current surge in retail media networks and content commerce creates a timely opportunity for Vudoo to introduce its unique solution to a global clientele across various media touchpoints.


Vision for the Future: Enhancing CTV Platforms

As Vudoo charts its future course, the company intends to develop tools for Connected TV (CTV) platforms. These tools will enable streaming and Video on Demand (VoD) audiences to discover and purchase products directly within advertising and video content.

Curtis-Lethbridge elaborated on this vision, envisioning a future where CTV platforms collaborate with brands to create monetisable, shoppable moments in-stream. Audiences can seamlessly purchase products within the shows they love without leaving their content platform, transforming the viewing experience from passive to active and creating new revenue avenues for CTV providers.

Vudoo’s expansion into the international market, spearheaded by Nathalie Curtis-Lethbridge, reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the evolving landscape of content commerce and retail media. As they embark on this journey, Vudoo is poised to make significant strides in reshaping the intersection of content, technology, and monetisation. Stay tuned for further developments as Vudoo continues to revolutionise the world of content commerce.


Image: Nathalie Curtis-Lethbridge, Global Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director for EMEA and North America, Vudoo (Photo: Business Wire)

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