In a significant shift, B2B outreach is moving beyond email-only strategies, with a notable drop in success rates for such approaches, according to the latest research from sales technology specialist Sopro.

The study, outlined in the State of Prospecting 2024 whitepaper, sheds light on the evolving landscape of lead generation in the B2B sector.

Sopro’s research indicates a 22 percent drop in success rates for email-only outreach in 2023 compared to the previous year. This decline coincided with a surge in marketing emails by 49 percent, highlighting the increasing competition for attention from prospects in the digital space.

Rise of Multi-Channel Strategies

In contrast, the study reveals that multi-channel outreach continues to gain traction, with three-quarters of surveyed B2B companies asserting that combining email prospecting with other outbound marketing channels yields better results. Additionally, 68 percent acknowledge the complementary nature of email prospecting with inbound marketing channels.

Despite the shift towards multi-channel strategies, email retains a crucial role in outreach. The research shows that 67 percent of buyers prefer to be contacted via email, with 88 percent expressing the desire to hear from suppliers during their purchasing decision research.

The B2B decision-making landscape poses new challenges, with an average of four stakeholders now involved in the process, up from 3.6 in 2023. Concerns among respondents for 2023 include lead generation (46%), lead quality (38%), and generating quality content (36%).

Preparing for Stringent Regulations

As businesses gear up for new regulations by Google and Yahoo, set to be enforced from February 2024, which target those sending more than 5,000 emails per day to curb spam, Sopro’s CEO and co-founder, Ryan Welmans, emphasises the importance of personalised, relevant, and value-driven emails. The whitepaper serves as a practical guide for sales and marketing professionals, encouraging them to develop robust multi-channel strategies.

A notable shift is observed in the acceptance of direct mail, with 18% expressing a willingness to be contacted via post, more than double the previous year’s figures. This suggests that personalised direct mail could emerge as a valuable tool for intelligent prospecting.

The research unveils that gifting plays a role in boosting lead quality, with a 36.1 percent increase. Branded merchandise (49%) and alcoholic beverages (44%) are reported as the most successful gifts. Interestingly, tree planting, the least redeemed gift option, highlights areas where eco-friendly initiatives can improve.

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