Hookle, the Finland-based leader in AI-powered mobile social media management, introduces ‘Hookle AIDE,’ an autonomous post generation assistant poised to revolutionize social media marketing for small businesses globally.

CEO Tero Seppala believes this innovative feature marks a significant advancement in personalised content assistance, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to cater to the unique needs of entrepreneurs.

The fully automated post generation assistant eliminates the need for user prompts, analyzing social media profiles to craft bespoke daily post suggestions. Tero Seppala envisions this as a transformative moment, stating, “We’re on the brink of a new dawn in social media marketing for small businesses. ‘Hookle AIDE’ isn’t just a feature; it’s your personal content assistant.”

Fully Automated Social Media Management

Building on its legacy of AI-powered post generation and image selection, Hookle positions itself as a pioneer in fully autonomous social media management. By seamlessly integrating ‘Hookle AIDE’ into its suite of features, the platform ensures that users receive custom-tailored post suggestions daily, optimally timed for maximum impact.

Tero Seppala emphasises the user-centric design of ‘Hookle AIDE,’ offering an effortless solution for small businesses to stay ahead in the digital landscape. With no user input required, the AI analyses user profiles, generating highly relevant posts in seconds. Hookle envisions ‘Hookle AIDE’ as a dedicated social media team in the user’s pocket, providing a swift and straightforward solution for entrepreneurs where every moment counts.

Towards Fully Autonomous Social Media Marketing

While ‘Hookle AIDE’ currently involves user input for the final decision, Tero Seppala envisions a future where user confidence in AI technology allows for fully autonomous social media marketing. Hookle aims to lead this transformation, providing a seamless experience for users to entrust their social media management entirely to ‘Hookle AIDE.’

In a market where giants like Hootsuite and Sprout Social target large enterprises, Hookle differentiates itself by focusing on the specific needs of small businesses. The mobile app offers an easy-to-use interface, budget-friendly plans, and AI features tailored for entrepreneurs. With ‘Hookle AIDE,’ Hookle positions itself as the top choice for small businesses worldwide, offering a comprehensive AI-powered social media marketing solution designed to meet their distinct requirements.

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