LinkedIn has released its latest ‘Brand to Buyer’ report, focusing on the technology sector and how tech brands can better connect with buyers. The report, based on surveys of over 1,500 tech buyers and marketers, highlights the need for tech vendors to differentiate themselves and provide personalized and creative content that helps buyers understand the ‘why’ behind their tech investments.

The report identifies five key trends for effective tech marketing:

  1. Content creativity: Vendor content should support, attract, and engage buyers, demonstrating a deep understanding of their organization’s problems. The report suggests three actionable strategies to make an impact.
  2. Be brave with branding: While digital channels like social media and search engine advertising are important, marketers should not overlook the long-term value of brand building. Brand reputation remains a significant factor in decision-making, with many buyers preferring to work with established brands.
  3. Employer branding as a marketing priority: The report recommends that tech vendors elevate their employer values as part of their corporate brand, targeting both prospects and employees. Values, including how well a vendor treats its staff, play a role in tech purchasing decisions.
  4. Be where your customers are: Marketers should focus on meeting buyers where they spend the most time. While social media and SEO are popular channels, other traditional methods such as ROI calculators and TV ads are less effective.
  5. Influence the external influencers: External IT consultants, integrators, and channel partners are becoming increasingly important sources of information for buyers. Marketers should leverage these influencers by ensuring they are well-informed and capable of effectively communicating the value of their products.

The report also emphasizes the increasing tech budgets and the need for marketers to stay updated with the evolving trends in the industry. Social media and SEO remain key marketing channels, while white papers and trade shows are declining. Automation tools are gaining popularity among tech marketers, enabling them to support their digital activities more effectively.

Overall, the report provides valuable insights into tech buyers’ preferences, communication methods, and information-seeking behavior, helping marketers align their strategies with decision-makers’ needs. The full ‘Brand to Buyer’ report can be downloaded from LinkedIn’s website.  You can download LinkedIn’s full ‘Brand to Buyer’ report here.

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