Google has announced new requirements for advertisers serving ads in the EEA and UK. These updates relate to Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) as part of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The CMP requirements are a result of evolving user expectations and regulatory factors involving online consent experiences.

In 2020, Google integrated its ad systems into the Transparency and Consent Framework to support the digital landscape and ads ecosystem, including various Consent Management Platforms. These platforms provide legally required notices to users about data processing, entities involved, and privacy regulations.

Google is now requiring partners who use publisher products such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, and AdMob to use a Google-certified CMP when serving ads in the EEA or the UK. They are providing a list of certified CMPs that meet TCF specifications to help advertisers prepare for the change. Additionally, Google has started certifying different CMPs and will work with ad tech providers not registered with the TCF using their Additional Consent specification.

The requirement follows the finalization of IAB Europe’s TCF V2.2, which aims to ensure consistency in the online advertising consent experience. Advertisers running or planning to run ads in the EEA or UK will be affected by this requirement. While Google has not provided a specific compliance date, previous timelines suggest there may be a grace period.

Google’s decision to require publishers to adopt the TCF is in line with their commitment to transparency and control. They believe that by supporting industry standards and the TCF, a unified and reliable approach to transparency and consent can be established in the advertising ecosystem, promoting user privacy. Google is certifying CMPs for TCF compliance and will continue to support publishers using the framework while also working with ad tech providers not registered with the TCF.

You can see Googles full announcement here.

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