A recent study by MarketsandMarkets™ explores the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on business models. The study predicts that B2B companies can expect approximately $87 billion worth of opportunities in the AI industry this year, with the market reaching $407 billion by 2027.

The accompanying whitepaper, titled ‘Emergence of AI-based Business Models – Orchestrating the Next Big Shift in Enterprise AI Adoption,’ delves into the transformative effects of AI on B2B business models across industries like healthcare, finance, and retail. The document includes case studies of successful AI implementations, showcasing their impact on operations, customer engagement, and revenue.

MarketsandMarkets™ gathered industry leaders and stakeholders in AI for roundtable discussions held in Houston, Boston, and London. Krishnan Chatterjee, Chief Operating Officer of MarketsandMarkets™, emphasized that AI-based business models create revenue streams by enhancing the human experience through various means such as prediction, capacity augmentation, cost reduction, new capabilities, error reduction, and personalized customer experiences.

The whitepaper also explores several important topics, including the potential cost savings AI can bring to businesses by automating tasks and analyzing vast amounts of data. It highlights how AI can improve customer engagement through personalized support and data analysis. Furthermore, the whitepaper provides country-wise AI deployment outlooks, best practices for building enterprise maturity in AI, revenue increases resulting from AI adoption, industry verticals with the highest growth rates in AI adoption, key use cases of B2B AI-based business models, and insights from discussions with AI industry opinion leaders, including Fortune 500 firms.

Download the whitepaper: https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/mega_trends/artificial_intelligence

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