Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled the general availability of its innovative identity resolution service, AWS Entity Resolution. This ML-powered tool offers organizations a streamlined method to match, link, and analyze records stored across a diverse range of applications, channels, and data stores.

Joseph W. Landucci, the director of technology management at Best Western Hotels, expressed their anticipation at being among the first to implement this state-of-the-art service. He stated, “Incorporating AWS Entity Resolution into our Guest Profile process has been transformative. The service facilitates seamless matching and linking of records, giving us a comprehensive view of our guests. This empowers us to elevate our hospitality experience globally.”

This tool’s core lies in its flexibility. Organizations can access the AWS Management Console and use the service’s rules-based configuration to tailor their matching requirements. For instance, while an airline might utilize it to consolidate customer interactions across multiple platforms like ticketing and lounges, a financial institution can enhance security by cross-referencing transactions over various accounts.

In addition to this configurable feature, AWS Entity Resolution also offers pre-configured machine learning models. This option is especially beneficial for companies lacking extensive data or development resources.

The service’s pricing model is structured per record, providing organizations with budget-friendly options.

What further amplifies its potential is the forthcoming integration with renowned partners like Unified ID 2.0, LiveRamp, and TransUnion. Such collaborations promise improved interoperability, allowing clients to supplement their records with industry-standard identifiers. This advancement is anticipated to redefine data enrichment in a manner that respects privacy, promoting data enhancement via a clean room approach.

The significance of AWS Entity Resolution isn’t just limited to the enhanced customer experience it promises. In industries like advertising and retail, it can redefine operational strategies. Advertisers can fine-tune campaigns by linking consumer interactions, while retailers can predict buying trends by matching product codes.

Currently, AWS Entity Resolution is available in multiple AWS regions, including US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific regions like Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and European areas such as Frankfurt, Ireland, and London.

As the boundaries of data management expand, AWS Entity Resolution emerges as a beacon for organizations aiming to optimize identity resolution without diving deep into the intricacies of ML or entity resolution itself.

Discover more about AWS Entity Resolution here.

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