Wavemaker UK has joined forces with the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) to launch a unique documentary series titled ‘Big in America’. Premiering on LinkedIn’s ‘Live Events’, this five-part series is designed to inspire UK businesses to explore export opportunities, with a focus on the vast American market.

Following the journey of five ambitious small businesses, ‘Big in America’ showcases their quest to make a mark in the US market. With each episode lasting fifteen minutes, viewers will get an insider’s view as the renowned British hotelier and TV personality, Alex Polizzi, mentors these businesses. The climax of their journey? A significant pitch to a major US business in the heart of New York City.

The series, set to launch on 14th August, is the brainchild of the television and content creation giant, Zinc Media Group, who collaborated with Wavemaker UK for this initiative.

The decision to host the series on LinkedIn was strategic. With access to a vast pool of over 930 million professionals, including 70 million decision-makers and 94 million global SMB professionals, LinkedIn offers an unparalleled platform. The ‘Live Events’ feature will connect the DBT with SMEs in real-time, fostering awareness about the potential of exporting and motivating businesses to explore international avenues.

Breaking new ground, ‘Big in America’ is LinkedIn’s maiden venture in streaming an exclusive ‘made-for-TV’ content series through its ‘Live Events’ in partnership with an external channel, DBT. Wavemaker UK played a pivotal role not just in conceiving this innovative campaign but also in orchestrating content creation and planning paid promotions on LinkedIn.

This series aligns with DBT’s overarching campaign, “Made in the UK, Sold to the World”. Having partnered with DBT since 2017, Wavemaker UK continues to be at the forefront of its B2B media planning and strategy initiatives.

Sharing his enthusiasm, Oliver Halliwell, Managing Partner, Wavemaker UK, commented, “The journey of bringing ‘Big in America’ to fruition has been thrilling. Streaming this pioneering documentary series on LinkedIn, especially via the DBT page, couldn’t be more apt to amplify the message of export opportunities for UK SMEs.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Lord Malcolm Offord, Minister for Exports, Department for Business and Trade, remarked, “The US, our largest trading ally with a whopping £279 billion trade in 2022, offers immense potential. ‘Big in America’ is our way of equipping British businesses to tap into this lucrative market, thereby bolstering the economy.”

Tunji Akintokun, Head of Enterprise Solutions UK & Ireland, LinkedIn, added, “Witnessing the surge in UK SME engagement on LinkedIn, it’s exhilarating to be part of DBT’s mission with the ‘Big In America’ series. This unique ‘docutainment’ initiative targets our vast 35+ million UK member base. We eagerly await the ripple effect of these narratives in motivating UK SMEs to seek new horizons.”

Watch the full videos here:  https://www.great.gov.uk/microsites/biginamerica/watch-now/

and the preview here:


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