A new report by Constant Contact, a digital marketing and automation platform, sheds light on the significant advantages of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation into business operations.

The Small Business Now report delves deep into the sentiment of small businesses towards AI and automation, and the potential impact of these tools on their operations. An astounding 91% of small businesses already harnessing the power of AI credit it for their increased success. AI implementation has enabled them to recover precious time, minimize human errors, and expedite their growth. Notably, a substantial 28% anticipate that combining AI with automation will result in savings exceeding $5,000 within the next year.

Laura Goldberg, CMO at Constant Contact, emphasized the transformative role AI plays in contemporary small businesses. She noted, “Small businesses leveraging AI and marketing automation, especially for challenges like customer acquisition and enhancing customer experiences, are distinctly poised for success.” Constant Contact prides itself on being a frontrunner with features such as the AI Content Generator and AI spam protection.

Mary Ginder, co-owner of Gindo’s Spice of Life and a Constant Contact user, testified to the game-changing nature of AI. Ginder utilizes AI for tasks such as crafting product descriptions and churning out newsletters. She raved about the innovative ideas it introduces and affirmed, “AI has effectively halved my workload.”

The report showcases that:

  • 60% of small businesses integrating AI or automation in marketing have realized time savings and heightened efficiency.
  • 70% expressed willingness to shell out more for a platform offering AI or automation tools.
  • 33% reported a reduction of over 40 minutes weekly on marketing chores, courtesy of AI or automation.

Despite the compelling benefits, there’s an evident knowledge gap. While 74% of small businesses express interest in these tools—with 55% of them showing increased interest in the past six months—a significant 46% admit they only have a rudimentary understanding of their potential. Concerns encompass data security, cost implications, and the learning curve.

A shared challenge among small businesses is customer acquisition. As many as 60% cited customer attraction as their predominant challenge. Other prominent hurdles include targeting the right audience (39%) and converting leads into sales (35%). Moreover, a majority, 52%, are eager to enhance their social media marketing prowess within the coming year.

For those interested in diving deeper into these insights, the complete findings from Constant Contact’s Small Business Now: An AI Awakening report can be accessed here.

Note: The Small Business Now report encapsulates insights from 486 U.S.-based small business decision-makers at Director level or higher, and was conducted by Ascend2 in June 2023.


Image: Contstant Contact – Time and money saved from using AI and/or Automation

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