Zoom Video Communications, Inc. unveils Zoom Compliance Manager, an integrated solution designed to streamline risk and compliance management, data governance, and information protection across the Zoom platform.

Powered by Theta Lake, this comprehensive offering aims to help organisations meet regulatory requirements and mitigate communications compliance risks effectively.

In response to the escalating need for robust compliance solutions in today’s regulatory landscape, Zoom introduces Zoom Compliance Manager. This all-in-one platform encompasses archiving, eDiscovery, legal hold, and information protection functionalities. By offering seamless integration and centralised management, Zoom aims to simplify compliance processes for organisations across various industries.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements Effectively

With regulatory requirements becoming increasingly stringent, organisations face the challenge of navigating compliance risks efficiently. Zoom Compliance Manager addresses these challenges by providing essential features such as archiving and content capture, eDiscovery, and legal hold. These capabilities empower organisations to maintain regulatory compliance while leveraging the benefits of Zoom’s communication platform.

Theta Lake is a leading provider of modern communication compliance and security solutions. With a focus on digital communications governance, Theta Lake offers advanced technologies to help organisations manage compliance risks effectively.

Zoom Compliance Manager leverages Theta Lake’s proven compliance solution, enhancing its capabilities in digital communications governance. By integrating Theta Lake’s technology, Zoom offers customers a seamless compliance experience with advanced features for record keeping, archiving, supervision, and data protection. This partnership reflects a significant milestone in delivering innovative compliance and security solutions to organisations worldwide.

In its current form, Zoom Compliance Manager offers essential compliance capabilities across various Zoom products. Future versions will introduce additional features such as risk detection and data loss prevention to further strengthen compliance measures. Available as an add-on to Zoom customers with a paid plan, Zoom Compliance Manager underscores Zoom’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern organisations.

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