In a recent poll conducted by OLIVER, the in-housing and marketing ecosystem specialist, UK marketers have voiced their views on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their industry.

The survey uncovered a unanimous consensus among UK marketers regarding the potential competitive advantages offered by AI. However, the findings indicate that almost half of these professionals have not allocated a dedicated marketing budget for AI adoption.

UK Marketers Embrace AI for Competitive Edge

According to the poll results, 47% of UK marketers acknowledge the potential benefits of AI in gaining a competitive edge. Nevertheless, nearly half of the respondents are yet to allocate a specific budget for incorporating AI into their marketing strategies. These insights shed light on the current state of AI adoption in the marketing industry.

Challenges Faced in Implementing Generative AI

The survey also highlighted several hurdles faced by UK marketers when it comes to adopting generative AI. It was revealed that the same proportion of respondents, 47%, are not actively testing generative AI, showing a significant gap between recognising AI’s potential and actively utilising it. Furthermore, a substantial 63% of the respondents felt that their organisations lacked the expertise to employ AI strategically and effectively.

Copyright and Security Concerns Hamper AI Rollout

Additionally, the survey revealed that copyright and security concerns were significant barriers to the swift adoption of generative AI capabilities. An overwhelming 84% of the respondents identified these concerns as obstacles. Furthermore, three-quarters of the respondents expressed their reservations due to unclear regulatory aspects.

OLIVER’s Commitment to AI Integration

Simon Martin, the founder and chief executive of OLIVER, acknowledged the challenges of implementing AI and the need for expert support. He noted, “AI is disrupting the way all brands and their partners are working, and while it is challenging, disruption can also be hugely beneficial with expert support.”

OLIVER, which specialises in in-house agencies and marketing ecosystems, is actively incorporating AI into its own business operations. The company offers a suite that includes Pencil Pro, an enterprise-level generative AI product designed to cater to the needs of global brands. Notable partners in the Pencil Pro launch include Unilever and Bayer.

Generative AI’s Role in Efficiency Gains

Despite the concerns expressed, UK marketers recognise generative AI’s potential for enhancing operational efficiency. An impressive 89% of marketers associate AI with improving operational procedures, with 74% considering enhanced process efficiency as the primary measure of success.

AI’s Impact on Marketing Operations

When asked about the areas of marketing operations most likely to face disruption from AI, the majority of respondents (89%) pointed to content production as the field with the highest potential for transformation. Additionally, 47% identified social management as another area prone to disruption. In contrast, only 36% saw reporting and insights as areas most likely to be affected.

Global Survey on Emerging Technologies

Simon Martin concluded by emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of the AI curve. He noted that clients’ concerns mirror the challenges faced by UK marketers as a whole. OLIVER plans to expand its insights with a global survey to gain a broader perspective on the obstacles and opportunities presented by emerging technologies, including AI.

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