The governments of the United Kingdom and Canada have announced a new partnership to enhance collaboration on AI safety research.

This initiative aims to strengthen the connections between their respective AI Safety Institutes as part of a broader network dedicated to ensuring the safe and responsible adoption of AI worldwide. This effort builds on the Bletchley Declaration and underscores the shared ambition of both nations to foster the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Advancing AI Safety Research

UK Technology Minister Michelle Donelan and Canadian Minister Champagne confirmed the partnership, which will deepen existing ties and inspire collaborative work on AI safety research. The agreement will see both countries committing to sharing expertise to support current testing and evaluations, and to jointly identify priority areas for future research.

Measures will be put in place to facilitate professional exchanges and secondments, as well as to leverage and share computational resources.

The UK AI Safety Institute (AISI) will provide the Canadian AISI with priority access to the UK AI Research Resource for joint research efforts. As details of the Canadian AISI are revealed in the coming months, both countries will continue to specify the terms of their collaboration, aiming to establish a Memorandum of Understanding on AI safety.

The UK and Canada’s AISIs also plan to collaborate with the US AISI on research to advance the field of “Systemic AI Safety,” which focuses on safeguarding societal systems that integrate AI. This international collaboration aims to address the broader impacts of AI deployment across different sectors and societies.

Building an International AI Safety Network

Both countries are committed to developing an international network to accelerate advancements in AI safety science and the creation of AI safety standards. This includes jointly advancing future international reports on AI risk, such as the International Report on the Science of AI Safety. The partnership will involve regular information exchanges on the development, establishment, and implementation of standards for advanced AI systems.

Additionally, both governments will engage with international forums, standards bodies, and experts to share knowledge and promote alignment on critical AI safety issues.

The UK and Canada recognise the importance of maintaining the safety of AI models while unlocking their potential benefits. This new partnership aims to foster open dialogue across borders, drive foundational research, and promote alignment on AI safety. By working together, the UK and Canada hope to set a global example in the responsible and safe development of AI technologies.

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