Nominations for the inaugural Global B2B eCommerce Industry Awards, launched by B2B eCommerce Association in collaboration with Digital Commerce 360, will close on 28 June.

This initiative aims to celebrate achievements in B2B eCommerce and digital transformation, recognising the efforts of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers leading in this sector. The awards invite entries from around the world, providing a platform for businesses to showcase their advancements and successes in B2B eCommerce. This event acknowledges the unique challenges and innovations within the B2B landscape.

Categories of Excellence

The Global B2B eCommerce Industry Awards will feature several categories:

  1. Enterprise B2B eCommerce Manufacturer of the Year
  2. Enterprise B2B eCommerce Distributor of the Year
  3. Mid-Market B2B eCommerce Manufacturer of the Year
  4. Mid-Market B2B eCommerce Distributor of the Year
  5. B2B eCommerce Growth Award
  6. Best Newcomer Award
  7. B2B Marketplace of the Year
  8. B2B Retailer of the Year
  9. B2B Mobile Commerce Experience of the Year
  10. B2B Change Agent of the Year

These categories are designed to celebrate a wide spectrum of B2B eCommerce activities.

Industry Leaders Endorse the Initiative

Brett Sinclair, founder and director of the B2B eCommerce Association, expressed his enthusiasm saying, “This is a priority initiative for our network, aimed at highlighting and recognising leaders in our industry. B2B is distinct from B2C, presenting its own set of unique challenges. I’m eagerly anticipating the revelation of the 2024 award winners.”

Molly Love, President & CEO of Digital Commerce 360, added, “We jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the B2B eCommerce Association on this initiative. Having covered eCommerce and B2B extensively, it’s thrilling to start setting industry benchmarks with these awards. We look forward to honouring the winners at our Awards Webinar in June.”

An Impartial and Experienced Judging Panel

The awards will be judged by an agnostic panel comprising esteemed professionals from various sectors within the industry, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation of all entries.

All trailblazers in the B2B eCommerce industry are invited to participate in this prestigious event. Get ready to submit your entries and be part of a journey that sets new standards and recognises excellence in B2B eCommerce and digital transformation.

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