TechNExt, the esteemed technology festival in the North East, is all set to make a comeback in 2024, much to the delight of businesses across the region.

The official launch of TechNExt 2024 took place at a special event held at the Opencast offices in Newcastle Upon Tyne, marking the return of the highly anticipated event.

The inaugural TechNExt in 2023 ran for 5 days in June and drew an impressive crowd of over 3,000 attendees. It boasted a robust lineup of 52 community-led fringe events, alongside its mainstage conference, industry dinner, Tech Talent Live, and the festival party. Beyond showcasing the North East’s tech scene, the festival underscored the vitality of collaboration within the region’s tech sector.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, TechNExt 2024 aims to elevate the momentum. The upcoming festival will reintroduce its flagship events while introducing a new set of fringe events. Adding to its agenda is a schools’ challenge, intended to engage regional schools, inspire students about technology, and unveil the spectrum of opportunities within the tech domain.

Paving the Way for an Inclusive, Sustainable Event

Noteworthy for 2024 is the festival’s amplified focus on the Good Festival Ambition, emphasising sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity in event practices. This renewed emphasis aligns with TechNExt’s ethos of not merely celebrating technology but also serving as a platform to champion sustainable and inclusive practices within the industry.

David Dunn, CEO of Sunderland Software City, hailed TechNExt 2023 as a trailblazing tech event for the region, lauding its pivotal role in showcasing the North East’s tech prowess and talent. Similarly, Sarah Thackray, Director at Dynamo North East and BeaconHouse Events, expressed enthusiasm about the forthcoming TechNExt 2024, accentuating its role in unifying technology and business minds.

Additionally, the announcement of TechNExt’s return received commendation from Saqib Bhatti MP, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, acknowledging the region’s collaborative approach in fostering a thriving tech ecosystem, aligning with national ambitions for a robust and future-ready workforce.

Resounding Support from Key Sponsors and Partners

Key sponsors and partners, including headline sponsors Opencast and Leighton for 2024, have also expressed their excitement for TechNExt’s return. Opencast chief executive, Tom Lawson, reiterated their commitment to supporting the festival, underlining the significance of the North East’s technology sector and their dedication to contributing back to the industry.

TechNExt 2024 signifies a dynamic and diverse tech landscape in the North East, serving as a converging ground for tech enthusiasts, startups, students, and the wider business community. For further details about TechNExt 2024, ticket information, and participation in fringe events, visit

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