Green Fulfilment, a prominent player in the e-commerce fulfilment sector, is set to expand its operations by launching a new fulfilment warehouse in 2024, aimed at meeting the escalating demands of its global clientele.

This strategic expansion, boosting the company’s capacity by 50%, is tailored to support Just-In-Time (JIT) sellers and Amazon SFP with a 7-day approach. Moreover, Green Fulfilment aims to develop enhanced fulfilment capabilities specifically catering to the rapid requirements of sellers associated with TikTok and Spotify.

Sustainable Growth and Recognition

Co-founded by Cain Fleming and Rukhsar Ahmed in 2016, Green Fulfilment has earned commendable recognition for its impressive growth trajectory and significant contribution to Scotland’s economic landscape. In the 2023 Scotland’s Fast Growth 50 index, the company secured the 19th position, a prestigious acknowledgement underscoring its sustained growth and innovative practices.

Amidst challenging economic climates, particularly post-Brexit impacts, Green Fulfilment remained resilient and garnered multiple nominations for industry awards in 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, the company anticipates further growth and expansion opportunities, eyeing potential mergers and acquisitions to fortify its market presence.

Impactful Contribution and Recognition

During 2020-2022, Green Fulfilment played a pivotal role in elevating the Fast Growth 50’s collective turnover to over £5 million, resulting in the creation of 11 new full-time permanent jobs. This substantial contribution underscores the company’s influence on Scotland’s economic growth, especially during the recovery phase post-COVID-19.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, Founder of Fast Growth 50, highlighted the significant contribution of companies like Green Fulfilment, emphasizing how such fast-growing firms play a crucial role in elevating the UK’s economic landscape, showcasing the power of innovation, enterprise, and hard work across sectors.

Commitment to Growth and Sustainability

Expressing pride in this achievement, Cain Fleming, co-founder at Green Fulfilment, attributed the success to the dedication of the entire team. Additionally, he reiterated the company’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation. With sustainability at the core of their ethos, Green Fulfilment aims to sustain its evolution and innovation trajectory in the years to come.

To explore more about Green Fulfilment and its initiatives, visit Green Fulfilment.

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