SurveyMonkey, known worldwide for its online surveys and forms, has unveiled its latest innovation, “SurveyMonkey Forms”. This new service combines features of its primary survey offering with features providing users with the tools to craft professional-grade forms effortlessly on a single platform. The upgrade will be incorporated into all existing paid plans without any supplementary costs.

SurveyMonkey Forms helps people create engaging web forms through a familiar and intuitive user experience with purpose-built templates, customisable form fields and third-party integrations, as well as advanced features including data and workflow automation tools to boost user efficiency. Key features include:

  • 30 revamped templates, tailored to facilitate swift and straightforward form creation for prevalent scenarios such as event sign-ups, online applications, lead acquisition, contact detail collection, payment processing, evaluations, and more.
  • A list view for responses, ensuring that users can scrutinise and take subsequent actions on individual responses directly within SurveyMonkey’s environment.
  • Pre-designed form fields and structures, which users can adapt to curate a superior experience for both customers and candidates alike.
  • A collection of integrations with other utilities, such as MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Sheets.
  • Streamlined embedding options for the web, ensuring that integrating a form into a user’s website is a hassle-free process.

Commenting on this development, Samuel Bakouch, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at SurveyMonkey, articulated, “For over two decades, SurveyMonkey has established itself as the premier survey platform for those seeking a sophisticated yet user-friendly method to garner and utilise feedback. Today, we’re extending that impeccable experience to a contemporary forms solution, addressing one of our clientele’s most frequent requisitions.”


Adaptable Solution for Modern Business Needs

SurveyMonkey Forms’ flexibility is one of its standout attributes. It allows users to modify its functionality in alignment with their ever-changing requirements. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly woven into pre-existing business infrastructures and can be coupled with surveys to attain optimal outcomes. Rooted in the robust SurveyMonkey platform, it simplifies the task of constructing online forms tailored to the most sought-after purposes.

Given its multifaceted nature, it’s anticipated that a diverse range of professionals, spanning from small business proprietors to experts in domains such as events, HR, academia, marketing, customer service, and more, will harness the power of SurveyMonkey Forms. The primary objective being to collect inputs, catalyse actions, and guide critical decision-making processes.

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