LottieFiles, a platform specialising in Lottie animations, has formally declared a strategic collaboration with Canva, the globally recognised all-in-one visual communication platform. This partnership aims to provide Canva users with complimentary access to a comprehensive library containing over 100,000 ready-to-use animations.

By integrating LottieFiles’ vast collection of animations with Canva’s design platform, users can now enhance their static designs, utilising the captivating capabilities of motion.

This union between LottieFiles and Canva is not merely another integration. Instead, it marks a significant shift in the design domain, positioning motion at the forefront of innovation.

The newly introduced LottieFiles app for Canva offers an array of features:

  • Extensive Animation Library: Canva users can now browse through over 100,000 free animations, with hundreds of new additions every day catering to diverse industries and requirements.
  • Brand-Centric Customisations: Every animation available is transparent with no background, allowing seamless integration with any brand’s colour palette.
  • Optimised File Format: Lottie animations, known to be six times more compact than GIFs, are now compatible with Canva. This ensures superior quality animations that also boast rapid load times.
  • Exclusive Access for Organisations: Businesses and teams have the flexibility to integrate their Private Lottie Library with Canva.

Pioneering the Next Era in Design

LottieFiles, serving a global audience of over 6.5 million designers and developers and trusted by teams from more than 275,000 organisations, is no newcomer to the design community.

K Minglani, the Co-Founder and CEO of LottieFiles, commented on this collaboration, “Our vision at LottieFiles has consistently revolved around enhancing the creative potential of creators, infusing joy into their designs. This partnership with Canva is a monumental step towards achieving that vision. The synergy between Canva’s user-friendly design platform and Lottie’s dynamic animations offers an unparalleled experience.”

The introduction of the LottieFiles app on Canva underlines the transformative potential of animations, merging user-friendly design with extensive customisation possibilities. This move reiterates Canva’s dedication to streamlining the design process whilst amplifying visual aesthetics.


Strengthening the Canva Ecosystem

Anwar Haneef, the Head of Ecosystem at Canva, expressed his views on the integration, “Our alliance with LottieFiles augments the creative possibilities within Canva, especially when crafting presentations, videos, whiteboards, and more. At Canva, our objective has always been to democratise design, amalgamating the best of content and technology within a unified platform. Our partnership with LottieFiles is a testament to that mission, enabling users to seamlessly harness the allure of motion graphics.”


A Guide to Lottie Animations for Marketers

Lottie animations are a way to embed high-quality animated graphics into apps and websites. Here are some key things to know about Lottie animations:

  • File Format – Lottie uses the JSON-based .json file format to store animations. This allows the animations to be rendered at runtime using a Lottie animation player.
  • Vector-Based – Lottie animations are vector-based, meaning they can scale to any size without losing quality. This makes them ideal for rendering animations on different screen sizes.
  • Lightweight – Lottie files are typically much smaller in size compared to video or GIF animations. This makes them faster to load in apps and websites.
  • Interactive – Lottie animations can be interactive and respond to gestures, APIs, or other input data sources. This allows creating engaging animated interfaces.
  • Cross-Platform – Lottie animations are supported across iOS, Android, and the web. The same Lottie file can be used in different platforms.
  • Design Tools – Many popular design tools like Adobe After Effects and Illustrator have export options to convert animations into Lottie format.

Lottie offers a convenient way to embed high-quality animations that work seamlessly across platforms and devices. The small file sizes and vector format make them perfect for use in mobile apps and responsive websites.


The LottieFiles app for Canva promises a blend of simplicity with profound customization, ensuring a delightful user experience. To explore the LottieFiles app for Canva: www.lottiefiles.com/canva

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