Salesloft, a leading provider of the AI-powered Revenue Orchestration Platform, has announced its acquisition of Drift, a prominent buyer experience and Conversational AI company.

This strategic move aims to enhance Salesloft’s capabilities, offering businesses an AI-driven, omnichannel buyer journey that is personalised for optimal engagement and improved revenue outcomes.

The collaboration between Salesloft and Drift signifies a transformative shift in B2B engagement, redefining how buyers and sellers interact throughout the buyer journey. David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft, highlights the profound impact this acquisition will have on pipeline efficiency and revenue outcomes. The joint expertise of Salesloft and Drift will introduce improved consistency and repeatability across the entire buying process, empowering sales and marketing teams to focus on building relationships and establishing trust.

Empowering Sellers in the Digital Landscape

Understanding the changing dynamics of B2B buying behaviour, the combined force of Salesloft and Drift addresses the challenge of engaging buyers earlier in their journey. With the ability to tailor messages across various channels, sellers can create a personalised buying experience that fosters trust, increases conversion rates, and, ultimately, drives revenue outcomes. This becomes especially crucial as research indicates that buyers are significantly progressed in their journey before directly engaging with a seller.

With a collective customer base of nearly 6,000 globally, the merged entity will operate from key locations, including Atlanta, Boston, Tampa, San Francisco, London, Warsaw, Capetown, South Africa, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Scott Ernst, CEO of Drift, emphasizes the shared vision between the two companies in revolutionising the go-to-market approach and transforming the overall customer experience.

Innovative Strides in AI

This strategic move follows successful years for both Salesloft and Drift. Salesloft introduced its latest AI innovation, Rhythm, translating real-time buyer signals into a prioritised workflow. It expanded its presence in major enterprises, including IBM. Meanwhile, Drift unveiled enhancements to its buyer engagement platform and launched three new AI-driven products — Drift Engage, Site Concierge, and Bionic Chatbots — earning recognition as one of G2’s Best AI Products for 2024.

As Salesloft and Drift join forces, the B2B landscape anticipates a paradigm shift in buyer engagement, signalling a new era of AI-powered, personalised interactions throughout the buyer journey.

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