Marketers grappling with the demands of delivering engaging narratives and scalable personalisation are increasingly turning to generative AI as a solution, according to the latest findings from The State of CMS 2024 report by Storyblok.

The report, based on a survey of 1,719 businesses across several countries, highlights the widespread adoption and evolving landscape of AI-powered content creation.

Contrary to the notion of AI as a distant prospect, the survey reveals that 79% of organisations are already leveraging AI-powered content tools. These tools are predominantly utilised for content creation (65%), editing (59%), and ideation and research (56%), indicating the integration of AI into various aspects of content production processes.

AI-Powered Content Creation: A Growing Trend

The report underscores the increasing interest in AI-generated content, with 68% of respondents expressing active interest in this area. Automation and personalisation follow closely, suggesting a shift towards AI-powered solutions to meet modern content demands efficiently and cost-effectively.

Despite the surge in AI adoption, the study identifies a gap in technology, with 40% of respondents citing the absence of AI-powered content creation functions in their current CMS. This limitation is compounded by the prevalence of monolithic CMSs (75%), hindering scalability and omnichannel capabilities.

Dominik Angerer, CEO and Co-Founder of Storyblok, highlights the accelerating pace of AI adoption in marketing and the importance of implementing safeguards and regulations. With one in four organisations already embracing headless CMS solutions, the report anticipates a potential doubling of this figure as companies seek to address content challenges more effectively.

Key Insights from the Report

The study offers additional insights into the CMS industry, including common pain points, reasons for migration, and desired features. Notably, easier content scaling emerges as a top priority for organisations, reflecting the need for agile and adaptable content management solutions.

On a positive note, the report indicates a significant interest in transitioning to headless CMS among non-users, driven by perceived improvements in ROI and productivity. With 27% of organisations currently utilising multiple CMSs, the shift towards more streamlined and flexible solutions is poised to reshape the content management landscape.

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