RevSure, a full-funnel attribution solution for B2B marketing teams, has announced its integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

This development marks RevSure’s inclusion in the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. The native integration captures all interaction signals from LinkedIn campaigns directly into the RevSure dashboard, providing users with AI-enhanced visibility into campaign performance throughout the lead journey.

Enhanced Insights for Effective Marketing

This integration enables marketers to uncover the most effective tactics, analyse the impact of every ad impression and click on the pipeline, and accurately measure the ROI of LinkedIn campaigns. “RevSure is committed to enabling high-growth marketing teams with the crucial insights needed to confidently scale and prove the ROI of their marketing efforts within the pipeline,” commented Deepinder Singh Dhingra, CEO and Founder of RevSure. “As a new LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Partner, we are excited about the opportunities this integration brings to our customers to build efficient marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.”

RevSure’s integration with LinkedIn provides powerful benefits, including comprehensive insights into campaign performance and detailed full-funnel attribution from visitor to opportunity. Marketers can identify effective tactics, make informed campaign reallocation decisions, and receive real-time optimisations to maximise effectiveness.

Strategic Decision-Making Support

RevSure enables detailed tracking and visualisation of campaign influence at both aggregate and individual levels. It offers “next-best touch” recommendations and a deep dive into influenced metrics across the marketing funnel. This integration not only enhances the ability to visualise and assess campaign success but also supports strategic decision-making for improved marketing outcomes.

RevSure is a full-funnel attribution solution that aims to empower B2B marketing teams with all they need to succeed, and becoming a part of LinkedIn’s certified partner program is a significant milestone in its mission.

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