Global Software-as-a-Service provider MINT has introduced a new platform category to the business world, named Advertising Resource Management (ARM). This platform, powered by AI-driven automation, is designed to revolutionize how brands manage their advertising resources, workflows, and processes.

Unlike existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms for marketing and customer service departments or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for finance and operations, MINT’s ARM is the first of its kind, dedicated to enhancing governance, transparency, and efficiency in advertising operations.

The launch of ARM comes at a time when the media landscape is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented due to a growing number of channels and advertising formats, along with evolving privacy legislation. This complexity highlights the need for a solution that consolidates all brand assets. ARM is built on four foundational layers:

  1. Data Orchestration: Gathering and processing data from internal and external company sources.
  2. Automation: Using technology to structure data and automate business processes.
  3. AI-Powered Efficiency: Enhancing the efficiency of automated processes through AI.
  4. Copilot Feature: Employing Large Language Models (LLM) for natural language interaction with AI, data, and processes.

As a global entity operating in over 30 countries and working with multinational brands across various sectors, MINT’s ARM solution provides a unified platform for efficient omnichannel campaign orchestration, covering everything from planning to financial reconciliation. This solution offers instant visibility and full control over all aspects of advertising investments, addressing the needs of both traditional and digital-first brands.

Streamlining Advertising Operations

In the current era where digital transformation is a key focus for brands, MINT’s ARM platform is crucial. It allows traditional companies to compete effectively and enables digital-native brands to further their innovation. The platform automates many advertising operations that are still manually executed, such as basic data entry tasks. This automation not only speeds up processes but also leverages the full potential of resources.

By automating these routine tasks, MINT’s ARM enables staff to concentrate on more complex challenges. The AI-powered platform aids decision-making by offering insights, forecasts, and recommendations, thereby helping teams to make more informed choices swiftly, optimize campaigns, and achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs).

For instance, a telecommunications company implementing MINT’s ARM solution witnessed a significant improvement in its advertising performance. The company reduced its cost per acquisition (CPA) by 60%, enhanced process governance, and team efficiency, managing a budget of $3.5m per full-time equivalent (FTE), a notable increase from the industry standard of $1.6m.

Andrea Pezzi, CEO of MINT, emphasizes the supportive role of technology in advertising. “Rather than replacing human thinking, advances in automation and AI can support staff to make better decisions that help advertisers achieve their goals and objectives,” he said. “MINT’s ARM platform gives advertisers the ability to unlock the full potential of their workforce. In this context, technology is the co-pilot, not the autopilot.”

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