Storyblok, a leader in the content management system (CMS) sector, has recently partnered with Bynder, a renowned global digital asset management company. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing brand consistency across various websites for marketing teams. Aimed at streamlining the management and distribution of digital assets, this partnership addresses the challenges faced by modern businesses in the digital content arena.

In a global survey commissioned by Storyblok involving 500 marketers, the complexities surrounding digital asset management in the current business landscape were brought to light. A considerable 55% of these professionals manage over 1,000 digital assets, and nearly half have experienced errors leading to content issues. This situation underscores the vast volume of digital content and the difficulties in managing it efficiently.

The study also reveals the multifaceted nature of asset management across various channels. Only 8% of marketers manage assets for a single channel, while a significant number navigate between five and ten channels, and 18% even manage more than ten. This diversity in channel management contributes to the extensive amount of time spent on asset management, with 37% dedicating 5-10 hours monthly and 27% spending more than 10 hours.

Addressing Asset Management Challenges

Central challenges identified in the survey include managing access rights and organizing files. In addition, the survey highlights an increasing reliance on AI for content creation, with 64% of marketers regularly using AI tools. This trend underlines the evolving digital content creation landscape and the necessity for sophisticated management tools.

The partnership between Storyblok and Bynder directly addresses these challenges. Integrating Bynder’s digital asset management capabilities with Storyblok’s CMS, this collaboration simplifies the complexities of omnichannel asset management and content governance.

Integration for Efficient Management

This integration allows for the seamless reuse of assets managed by Bynder and is accessible via the Bynder marketplace and Storyblok. Particularly beneficial for Storyblok customers on Enterprise plans, this development offers an efficient method for managing digital content.

Expert Perspectives and Future Outlook

Both Brad Kofoed from Bynder and Barry D’Arcy from Storyblok have emphasized the importance of this integration in ensuring content consistency and faster delivery to the market. They highlight how this collaboration enables businesses to leverage their asset library effectively, bringing order to the content management process.

The integration of digital asset management platforms at the heart of a connected martech and e-commerce ecosystem is vital for brands to meet increasing content demands. This strategy unites storage locations, automates asset variations for each channel, and offers insights into asset performance across the ecosystem, making it a critical component of business success in the digital age.

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