UK retailer Matalan has taken a pioneering step in the retail sector by launching an innovative Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) tool, developed by global digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta.

This cutting-edge tool enables Matalan to generate detailed product descriptions seamlessly as new items are added to its online inventory, marking a significant advancement in the UK retail landscape.

Revolutionising Product Descriptions

Generative AI and LLM Technology: Developed by Kin + Carta in just three weeks, the Generative AI solution is a first-of-its-kind tool in the UK retail sector. It leverages product metadata and imagery to automatically create comprehensive product descriptions for Matalan’s entire product range. This technology not only enhances SEO and conversion rates but also ensures the creation of rich, accurate product descriptions with minimal data input.

Emotive and Detailed Descriptions: Matalan can now adopt a new style of product descriptions that are longer, more emotive, and add significant value to the customer experience. The bespoke model is designed to analyze product imagery, extracting details from photos to include in the description, offering a more immersive and informative shopping experience.

Operational Efficiency and Scale

Operational Efficiency Boost: The tool, built using Vertex AI from the Google Cloud suite, has transformed Matalan’s in-house copywriting team’s operational efficiency. It can generate a hundred product descriptions in just thirty minutes, a significant increase compared to the maximum of a hundred descriptions a day achievable by Matalan copywriters.

Impact on Sales: Ewan Nicolson, Director of AI & Data at Kin + Carta, highlighted the tool’s ability to create bespoke content rapidly, stating, “This is the type of situation where generative AI is at its best, creating rich, bespoke content in a matter of moments that has a real impact on sales.”

Leadership Perspectives

Tech Adoption and Customer Focus: Matt Hildon, Retail and Travel Portfolio Director at Kin + Carta, commended Matalan’s swift adoption of generative AI, emphasizing its benefits for retailers seeking improvements in operational efficiency and the customer journey. Ali Jones, Chief Customer and Omnichannel Officer at Matalan, expressed excitement about being the first UK retailer to leverage Generative AI in this manner. She highlighted the innovation and commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for customers on Matalan’s website and app.

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