LinkedIn, a trusted platform for reaching key audiences, is rolling out new ad solutions aimed at assisting B2B marketers in connecting with decision makers effectively.

With a vast community of 1 billion members, LinkedIn’s latest offerings include LinkedIn CTV Ads and Live Event Ads, providing marketers with innovative avenues to engage audiences both on and off the platform.LinkedIn acknowledges that consistent engagement across various channels is crucial for effective marketing. In response, they are introducing LinkedIn CTV Ads, recognising the growing popularity of Connected TV (CTV) among consumers. With approximately 90% of US households embracing CTV in 2023, LinkedIn CTV Ads offer a promising opportunity for marketers to reach B2B buyers.

Expanding Reach with LinkedIn CTV Ads

LinkedIn CTV Ads allow marketers to display their content on high-quality streaming television platforms like Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads. The platform ensures brand safety, with DoubleVerify reporting over 99% brand safety within the LinkedIn Audience Network. Additionally, LinkedIn has partnered with NBCUniversal to introduce LinkedIn Premiere, a managed offering enabling targeted advertising across NBCUniversal’s premium streaming content on CTV.

Dominick Vangeli, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Advanced Advertising at NBCUniversal, emphasises the importance of reaching strategic audiences in a premium environment. He highlights the collaborative solution with LinkedIn, providing advertisers unique access to business decision makers through brand-safe, diverse, and culture-defining content.

Navigating LinkedIn CTV Ads

For marketers venturing into CTV campaigns, LinkedIn offers support through LinkedIn Premiere, a managed offering within Campaign Manager. Alternatively, marketers can independently launch LinkedIn CTV campaigns across the platform’s network of publishers. LinkedIn simplifies the process within Campaign Manager, allowing marketers to choose their objectives, target audience, budget, and schedule with ease.

To ensure accurate measurement of campaign success, LinkedIn collaborates with industry-leading partners like iSpot and Kantar. iSpot enables marketers to measure effectiveness in reaching B2B audiences across various platforms, including linear and CTV. Meanwhile, Kantar provides actionable insights into campaign impact on brand awareness, affinity, or resonance among target B2B audiences.

Enhancing Engagement with Live Event Ads

In addition to LinkedIn CTV Ads, LinkedIn is introducing Live Event Ads to facilitate increased event registrations, brand awareness, and measurable results. With professionals increasingly engaging with events on LinkedIn, Live Event Ads offer a dynamic format to promote live events before, during, and after they occur.

LinkedIn acknowledges the challenges in reaching the right buyers amidst evolving B2B purchase cycles. Through innovative products like LinkedIn CTV Ads and strategic partnerships with companies like NBCUniversal, iSpot, and Kantar, LinkedIn remains committed to empowering marketers in reaching key decision makers while strengthening their brand presence. Continual feedback and testing underscore LinkedIn’s dedication to assisting marketers in reaching more of the right people and achieving sustainable growth.

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