Microsoft retains its position as the world’s most valuable B2B brand, with a remarkable 60% increase in B2B brand value to USD220.4 billion, reveals the latest report by Brand Finance, a leading brand valuation consultancy.

The B2B brand value of Microsoft constitutes the majority of its total brand value of USD340.4 billion, encompassing both B2B and B2C components.

According to David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, the interplay between B2B and B2C sectors significantly impacts brand evolution, with understanding this relationship being pivotal for brands to succeed in today’s intricate marketplace. Year on year, the top 100 B2B brands have collectively increased by 10%, reflecting a quarter trillion dollars’ worth of growth in total value.

NVIDIA’s Impressive Growth

NVIDIA emerges as the world’s fastest-growing B2B brand, witnessing an extraordinary 163% growth in B2B brand value to USD44.5 billion. This remarkable surge is attributed to NVIDIA’s strong presence in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, particularly their advancements in AI-driven platforms for enterprises.

China’s State Grid ascends to become the world’s second most valuable B2B brand, surpassing Amazon. With a brand value of USD71.1 billion, State Grid’s growth reflects its financial prowess and reinforced brand presence, especially in global initiatives like the Belt & Road.

Brand Finance conducts drivers analysis to assess the role of sustainability in B2B customer consideration across various sectors. Notably, IT Services exhibit the most pronounced driver score (14.1%), followed by other sectors such as Oil & Gas, Logistics, Chemicals, Energy, Mining, Commercial Services, Insurance, and Banking.

Industry Insights and Partnerships

Presenting Brand Finance’s report at the B2Believe Event in New York City, Jim Habig, Vice President of Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, highlights the indispensable role of data in B2B marketing. The report, provided in partnership with IAA and Stein IAS, offers valuable insights for B2B marketers aiming to forge meaningful connections and gain a competitive edge.

Craig Duxbury, Global President of Stein IAS, underscores the growing confidence among B2Bs in investing to drive brand strength, evident in this year’s quarter-of-a-trillion-dollar growth in brand value. The depth and rigour of data in the report support all B2B marketers in building a compelling business case for brand as a value creator.

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