Hootsuite, the renowned social media management platform, has launched an innovative campaign that challenges the conventional B2B marketing paradigms. Moving beyond the usual technical language and standard marketing strategies, Hootsuite introduces an unconventional approach that converts its product updates into captivating “product moments.”

The new campaign, centred around the theme of “Harmony,” focuses on addressing the challenges faced by social marketers. These challenges range from intricate workflows, repetitive tasks, and cumbersome collaboration tools to perplexing analytics reports. Hootsuite’s latest offerings aim to streamline these processes, ensuring that social marketing teams operate more efficiently, fostering a sense of harmony.

Billy Jones, VP of Marketing at Hootsuite, emphasised the importance of differentiating in the B2B space. He stated, “Nothing else matters if our prospects don’t know who we are. There’s a misconception that B2B brands must remain conservative. However, we believe in leveraging creativity to make our mark and stand out.”

Hootsuite Harmony Owly Guru

Components of Hootsuite’s Bold Campaign

The campaign rolled out by Hootsuite includes:

  • Zen for Social Media Managers: Recognising the challenges faced by social media managers, Hootsuite introduces a guided meditation experience, aiming to alleviate the stresses that will soon be addressed by its product enhancements.
  • Harmony Through Hootsuite: This paid media initiative reinforces the concept of social media professionals achieving equilibrium in their demanding roles.
  • Scented Candles with a Twist: As part of the campaign, Hootsuite is distributing specially-themed scented candles to notable social media personalities. These candles capture the essence of challenges that Hootsuite’s products aim to resolve.
  • Moments of Zen: This initiative is a joint effort between the marketing and product divisions. It introduces behaviour-driven triggers within the platform, offering users moments of tranquillity exactly when needed, enhancing the user experience.

Tanzina Alam, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Hootsuite, shared insights on their approach, mentioning their desire to keep the campaign customer-centric while adding a touch of playfulness to the narrative.

Nudge Moment of Zen - Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s Product Innovations

The new product launch by Hootsuite concentrates on several key areas to assist social marketers in achieving their goals:

  • Streamlining Processes: Hootsuite’s updated Planner allows users to effortlessly create new posts by dragging and dropping content directly into calendars. Furthermore, any social comment can instantly be transformed into a Zendesk ticket using Hootsuite’s Advanced Inbox.
  • Harnessing AI for Efficiency: The introduction of OwlyWriter AI facilitates the drafting of posts, while the autosuggest feature provides a plethora of AI-generated hashtag suggestions.
  • Enhancing Collaboration: Features such as the ability to redirect Instagram DMs to support personnel ensure smoother collaboration among teams.
  • Demonstrating Tangible ROI: With Hootsuite’s Advanced Analytics, users can effectively showcase the impact of their social strategies, highlighting their performance over competitors.

For those interested in delving deeper into Hootsuite’s most recent product enhancements, additional details can be found on their official website.