In a significant move to reshape the digital advertising landscape, global affiliate marketing platform, Awin, has unveiled its enhanced features.

This new digital marketing ecosystem is designed to address the pressing challenges encountered by brands and online publishers across the globe. Amidst an advertising environment largely controlled by a few major tech companies, Awin’s latest offerings present transformative solutions. These solutions are geared towards enabling brands to have a firmer grip on their advertising expenditure, foster enduring marketing collaborations, and boost their revenue streams.


The Predicament: Overwhelming Control of Digital Ad Expenditure by Big Tech

Presently, nearly 75% of the worldwide digital advertising expenditure is channelled into three primary tech platforms. The overwhelming market presence and auction-centric models of these platforms have left many businesses grappling with escalating costs. Moreover, these businesses find themselves with limited autonomy over their investment decisions.

In a related development, a recent study by the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) disclosed that a staggering 23% of brand expenditure in programmatic advertising is being squandered. This revelation underscores the prevalent transparency issues within this domain. To put this into perspective, the wasted expenditure is equivalent to a minimum of $20bn. This figure is about a third more than the projected global investment in the affiliate sector by brands for the current year.


Awin’s Response: Offering Choice, Control, Customisation, and Enhanced ROI

Awin has identified the burgeoning demand for an alternative, especially as companies are increasingly emphasising their profitability. They are also on the lookout for trustworthy media investments. In direct response to this, Awin’s revamped platform offers a transparent and flexible advertising solution. This is tailored to meet the needs of ecommerce brands striving to realise their marketing aspirations in a fiercely competitive milieu.

The newly introduced Awin partner ecosystem grants brands the autonomy to move away from these exorbitant models. The ecosystem provides:

  • Choice: Through Awin’s AI-driven Partner Discovery tool, brands can swiftly identify and select from over a million affiliate partners that resonate with their marketing goals.
  • Control: The platform facilitates brands in gauging the efficacy and influence of their investments. This is achieved through comprehensive funnel and journey path reports, enabling brands to discern how customers locate them online. Additionally, robust sector benchmarking provides insights into their performance relative to their rivals.
  • Customisation: Brands have the liberty to utilise novel data points and adaptable compensation structures. This allows them to devise bespoke incentives that zero in on the most pivotal marketing activities, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • ROI: Brands collaborating with Awin on their affiliate programmes can anticipate a remarkable 14:1 return on their advertising outlay.

Adam Ross, Awin’s CEO, commented on the launch, “Choice, control, and customisation are pivotal for fostering mutually advantageous and enduring associations in any commercial venture, especially in the realm of digital marketing.” He further added, “Awin’s partner ecosystem is instrumental in aiding ecommerce brands to overcome industry compartmentalisation, intricate integrations, and unproductive expenditure. This empowers them to craft their bespoke advertising ecosystems that can effortlessly adapt based on their unique requirements. We are enthused about assisting our clients in reclaiming their marketing autonomy, thereby enabling them to chart their growth trajectory on their terms.”

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