Content Catalyst, a leading content delivery platform for analyst research, has introduced MyCatalyst, an AI-enabled search function designed to redefine the accessibility and utilisation of analyst insights and data in the business landscape.

MyCatalyst, harnessing the power of GPT, the OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM), is the latest addition to Content Catalyst’s suite of advanced content and subscriber management features. This tool marks a significant advancement, providing subscribers with an intuitive and efficient means to access and synthesize crucial business insights.

Transforming Search with AI

At its core, MyCatalyst functions as a trusted AI-driven semantic search engine, delivering accurate and verifiable answers. Users can directly engage with an “AI analyst,” posing questions that span content search, summarisation, and source referencing down to the paragraph level.

Daniel Lord, CEO of Content Catalyst, commented on the launch, stating, “MyCatalyst will redefine the way businesses access and use critical insights, empowering them to make swift, well-informed decisions in today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape.”

Efficiency and Speed in Action

MyCatalyst, trained to navigate and comprehend information within published analyst research and data, significantly streamlines the process for users to extract valuable insights. Asad Munir, CTO, highlighted its potential to enhance workflow, with testing revealing that users obtained answers to their questions 23% faster than traditional search methods.

“MyCatalyst has the potential to improve workflow by speeding up the time it takes for insights professionals to develop and communicate actionable insights for their stakeholders. During testing, users were getting answers to their questions 23% faster than traditional search,” stated Asad Munir.

Natural Language Answers and Client Deployment

MyCatalyst delivers comprehensive, natural language answers to business users’ market and intelligence queries. The AI-powered chat has undergone extensive training over five months, focusing on understanding the context of questions related to market research insights. Content Catalyst is collaborating with analyst firms to build confidence in this cutting-edge technology.

Existing clients can deploy MyCatalyst in a matter of hours, providing their customers with a rapid, accurate, and reliable method to source contextual answers from published insights while safeguarding intellectual property. For new clients, Content Catalyst plans to launch experimentation sites, allowing analyst firms to securely test the chat discovery functionality on their own published content.

The introduction of MyCatalyst positions Content Catalyst at the forefront of leveraging AI to transform how businesses access and leverage critical insights for informed decision-making.

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