Tell Money, a fintech open banking provider, assumes a pivotal role in supporting the launch and expansion of Griffin Bank, a newly established UK Bank dedicated to assisting companies in developing and launching financial products.

Following a successful $24 million funding round and the attainment of a full banking license, Griffin is poised for growth with the support of and its advanced tell.gateway service.

With its tell.gateway service, aims to play a crucial role in providing Griffin with essential compliance and open banking capabilities. This strategic collaboration aims to drive innovation and growth within the dynamic fintech landscape. The partnership is particularly significant for Griffin Bank, positioning them to deliver financial services in line with regulatory standards.

Ensuring PSD2 Compliance, as a key player in the open ecosystem, ensures Griffin’s adherence to the PSD2 legislation. This legislation mandates secure and standardized access to financial data for third-party providers. By leveraging tell.gateway, simplifies regulatory complexities, allowing Griffin to concentrate on platform development and providing top-tier financial services to its clientele.

Tell.gateway facilitates the smooth integration of PSD2-compliant APIs into any account provider (ASPSP). This capability empowers Griffin to effortlessly enable Third Party Providers (TPPs) to integrate open banking services. The result is an enhanced user experience and expanded functionality of the Griffin platform.

David Monty, CEO of, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Griffin. He says, “Through our tell.gateway service and strategic partnerships, we are able to empower Griffin with open banking compliance, seamless integration, and operational support as a service, enabling them to focus on driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions for their clients.”

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