In a significant achievement, Cause UK, a Harrogate-based public relations agency, has been awarded the B Corp certification. This recognition is bestowed upon companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to high social and environmental standards, transparency, and accountability in business operations.

Founded in 2010 by sisters Clair and Ann Challenor-Chadwick, Cause UK has carved a niche in supporting organisations that create a positive impact in society. Their client base spans across various sectors, including the arts, charity, social enterprise, and the public sector, along with partnering with ethical businesses.

Clair Challenor-Chadwick, Managing Director of Cause UK, reflects on the agency’s journey: “We’ve always been more than a PR agency, and see ourselves as agents of change, supporting our clients to do meaningful work. Over the years, we’ve also helped create a social enterprise for veterans at risk of homelessness, raised over £1m for charities, and curated our own arts events, often aligned to a good cause.”

Expanding Global and National Presence

In 2023, Cause UK’s portfolio included impressive international and national projects. Internationally, they worked with Care Pakistan, aiming to enrol a million children living in poverty in schools by 2025, and Free Tibet, an advocacy group focusing on human rights issues. Nationally, they undertook the redevelopment of the UK and Europe branch website for Alcoholics Anonymous and launched the new Great Ouse Rivers Trust with a significant media campaign across the BBC.

Their local projects in Yorkshire were equally impactful, involving support for the QED Foundation’s Asian Young Achiever Awards, a major campaign for Inclusive Equal Rights UK, and the drafting of a Social Impact report for Key Fund, a leading social investor in the north.

Recognition and Expertise

Clair’s expertise in Social Value and Sustainability has previously earned her an Institute of Directors’ award, while the agency itself has been recognised as the Best PR Agency at the Prolific North Awards in 2021 and won the Best Independent Business Award at the 2022 Harrogate Advertiser Excellence in Business Awards. Their high standard of service is reflected in their five-star Google reviews.

Both founders bring a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds. Clair’s experience spans marketing in fintech and private banking, transitioning to the third sector. Ann, with a history as a feature writer in regional newspapers, continues to contribute to publications across Yorkshire.

Cultural and Arts Contributions

Cause UK is also recognised by the Arts Council as an infrastructure support agency, lending its expertise to various arts organisations. They have been involved in the Ilkley Literature Festival, CrimeFest Bristol, the Northern Aldborough Festival, and North Yorkshire Open Studios. Their cultural contributions include producing a stage play, curating a Dickens festival, and hosting talks with celebrities such as Chris Packham and Miriam Margolyes. A recent achievement includes producing a short film for Sky Arts focusing on northern working-class classical musicians.

The team also advises the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra and the Paradox Orchestra, contributing significantly to the cultural landscape.

B Corp Certification: A Milestone in Social Responsibility

The B Corp certification, accredited by the nonprofit B Lab, aligns with Cause UK’s commitment to balancing purpose and profit and using its operations as a force for good. Clair comments on this milestone: “B Corp is a rigorous process that demands Cause UK meets the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. So, we’re incredibly proud to meet this milestone.”

Joining a global community of like-minded organisations, Cause UK is set on a path that redefines success in business, focusing on people and the planet.

Looking ahead, Clair shares: “In 2024, we aim to represent more businesses to afford us to support more good causes. We believe most businesses now take responsibility for people and planet, and we’re keen to work with those who share these values as part of our five-year growth strategy.”

For more information about Cause UK and its B Corps certification, please visit

Photo shows the Cause UK team film crew for Sky Arts.  Photo credit Gerard Binks, Clair and Ann of Cause UK (left to right) Edward Melbourne, Rafe Colman-Chadwick. Katie Greenhalf, Melvin Besbrode, Matt Glen (sitting down, Ben Crick and Ellis Arey).

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