Unity Trust Bank, an ethical bank based in Birmingham, has unveiled a comprehensive rebrand aimed at positioning itself as the go-to financial institution for organizations and businesses with a social purpose.

The rebrand was developed by ThinkOTB, a leading marketing agency focused on purpose-driven brands. It includes a new brand promise “For Businesses, For Communities, For Good” that encapsulates Unity Trust Bank’s commitment to sustainability, diversity and ethical practices.

Founded 40 years ago, Unity Trust Bank was recently named Greater Birmingham’s Business of the Year in March 2023. The rebrand coincides with the bank’s 40th anniversary as it looks to expand its customer base across the UK.

Central to the rebrand is a redesigned website showcasing Unity Trust Bank’s range of services and products for social enterprises, charities, trade unions and ethical businesses.

Joanne Waddington, Managing Director at ThinkOTB, said: “We wanted to create a brand that not only connects with its audience but also clearly communicates the bank’s strong position within the financial sector as a champion for social purpose.”

Louise Pursglove, Head of Brand and Proposition at Unity Trust Bank, said: “Our new brand represents our commitment to innovation and will help us reach new customers and communities nationwide who share our vision for ethical banking.”

The rebrand positions Unity Trust Bank as a leader in ethical banking at a time when consumers are seeking brands that reflect their values.

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