Sabio Group, recognised globally for its expertise in digital experience transformation services, has officially launched its Sabio Salesforce Practice. This new venture underlines Sabio’s position as a leader in customer experience (CX) solutions, combining its prowess in contact centres, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Andy Roberts, the Chief Executive Officer of Sabio Group, expressed his confidence in the new Salesforce Practice. He emphasised that this development not only meets the current needs of their customers but also positions Sabio to leverage future market opportunities. Roberts specifically mentioned the potential arising from the recent collaboration between Salesforce and Genesys, highlighting the launch of CX Cloud.

“The launch of the Sabio Salesforce Practice is a significant step for our business, offering unparalleled end-to-end capabilities to drive true digital transformation for our clients,” Roberts stated.

The inception of the Sabio Salesforce Practice follows the integration of makepositive, Sabio’s specialist Salesforce consultancy, into the broader group. This merger brings several advantages to organisations looking to enhance their customer engagement:

  • Market Leading Expertise: Sabio, a Salesforce Summit Partner, has delivered over 1,800 projects. The new practice allows Sabio to intensify its focus on Salesforce and digital transformation projects, backed by increased capability.
  • Unrivalled Experience: Sabio supports over 220,000 contact centre seats globally, handling more than 1.5 billion interactions annually. This extensive experience positions Sabio to optimise customer engagement effectively and at scale.
  • AI Capabilities: Sabio’s AI solutions have yielded significant savings for clients like HomeServe and Vodafone, showcasing the practical benefits of their technology.
  • Complete Journeys: The unified expertise of Sabio enables the design of comprehensive, seamless customer journeys through a single collaborative process.
  • Cohesive Team: The integration of the Salesforce Practice fosters a unified vision focused on delivering exceptional CX and client success.

Daniel Seaborne, the Managing Director for the UK & South Africa at Sabio Group, highlighted the synergies of combining their established contact centre and AI capabilities with Salesforce expertise. “The Sabio Salesforce Practice forms a potent proposition for designing CX journeys. Clients will benefit from the ease and speed of engaging with one experienced team, tapping into nearly three decades of specialist knowledge,” Seaborne added.

For more information on the Sabio Salesforce Practice, contact Sabio today.


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