Founders Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo, renowned for their work with global giants like Telenor, GE, and NTT DATA, as well as aiding startups and SMEs, have developed a groundbreaking approach to brand naming. This method promises to transform brand identities and fortify market positions.

Vinogradoff remarks, “Language is an ocean, its surface familiar, but its depths hold untold power and mystery, mirroring the ancient and interconnected nature of human languages.”

Their innovative concept hinges on the profound meanings embedded in basic language sounds. For instance, the sound ‘om’, significant in various cultures – from representing universal healing in Hindi to encompassing ‘everything’ in Latin – illustrates how elementary sounds carry rich, historical significances. These resonances, when forming a name, profoundly influence its perception and impact.

“More than just a label, a company’s name fundamentally influences its culture and destiny,” states Teo. “Its success hinges on the resonance of its name, which can either enhance or diminish its appeal.”


Case Study: Rebranding Success with Omda

A testament to their strategy is the rebranding of Norwegian firm CSAM, now Omda. The name, meaning ‘if-then’ in Norwegian, reflects the core logic of computer programming, essential to their software solutions. The launch of Omda energized the company, eliciting positive responses from customers and investors. Remarkably, it attracted potential acquisitions, a novel experience in their history of strategic growth.


Expertise in Spotting and Rescuing Brands

Fruiting League’s method allows for precise evaluation of a brand name’s potential and limitations. This capability enables them to benchmark companies against competitors and offer strategic advice for improvement.

With a combined experience of over five decades in branding, Vinogradoff and Teo’s expertise is underpinned by their linguistic prowess. Vinogradoff, proficient in eleven languages, and Teo, fluent in several Chinese and other Asian languages, harness their unique skills to tap into the deep meanings of sounds, driving businesses to new heights with their revolutionary naming strategy.

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