LinkedIn has announced the integration of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity’s (C2PA) “Content Credentials” technology into its platform.

This move aims to enhance content authenticity and transparency, particularly for AI-generated media.

Patrick Corrigan, VP of Legal at LinkedIn, detailed the company’s latest initiative. “Starting today, content containing C2PA’s ‘Content Credentials’ technology will be automatically labelled on LinkedIn. This includes AI-generated content,” Corrigan stated. The integration reflects LinkedIn’s commitment to providing a trusted user experience by ensuring that members can accurately identify AI-generated images and videos.

How It Works

Users will notice a “Cr” icon on images and videos that include C2PA metadata. Clicking this icon allows users to trace the origin of the AI-created media, providing details about the source and history of the content, and whether it was created or edited by AI.

“The first place you’ll see the Content Credentials icon is on your LinkedIn feed,” Corrigan explained. “We plan to expand this coverage to additional surfaces, including ads.” This feature aims to keep digital information reliable, protect against unauthorized use, and create a transparent, secure digital environment for creators, publishers, and members.

Commitment to Responsible AI

LinkedIn has also committed to implementing Responsible AI principles, ensuring that AI products are brought to market in ways that expand economic opportunity for all. This aligns with the company’s broader goal of fostering a trusted and transparent digital space.

For further information, LinkedIn members can visit the C2PA Help Center content. More details about the C2PA standard can be found on the official C2PA website.

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