IMPACT+, a tool for gauging the carbon footprint of digital advertising initiatives, has unveiled its innovative Environmental Sustainability Platform (ESP). This platform is designed to assist brands and agencies, irrespective of their stage in the emission reduction process, in overseeing their digital advertising endeavours. This includes campaigns across social, programmatic, and direct sold channels. Furthermore, the ESP provides insights to enhance these campaigns without compromising their performance.

A significant feature of the ESP is its ability to streamline the data collection process. This is achieved through its direct integrations with leading social platforms, DSPs, and ad servers.

Historically, the emphasis within the marketing sector has been on media performance. This, combined with a limited understanding of how to diminish environmental impact, particularly in terms of reducing GHG emissions, has hindered sustainable actions. Consequently, the industry’s attention has predominantly been on offsetting emissions rather than actively reducing them. This approach has overlooked numerous opportunities to implement long-term strategies that have a tangible positive effect on the environment.

IMPACT+’s new platform addresses this issue. It empowers brands and agencies to move beyond mere impression level reductions, which can inadvertently escalate GHG emissions. Instead, it measures emissions in relation to core business KPIs, facilitating the identification and execution of carbon reduction strategies throughout their advertising expenditure.

The platform provides marketers with detailed data and guidance on reduction. This enables them to fine-tune their campaigns in line with both environmental and performance metrics. They can do this by activating appropriate levers at both the campaign and platform levels. Moreover, the platform offers benchmarking data, allowing advertisers to juxtapose their campaign KPIs with industry averages. IMPACT+’s platform also supports strategic business choices by offering versatile reporting across various dimensions, such as creative, campaign, country, brand, and group.

Audrey Danthony, CPO and Co-Founder of IMPACT+, remarked on the launch, stating, “The advertising sector grapples with aligning campaign results with sustainability goals, especially concerning the GHG emissions of campaigns. Our ESP presents a scalable answer, boasting unmatched data detail, which ensures complete transparency of sustainability and performance metrics. By merging these two metrics, marketers can make informed business choices, minimising the environmental repercussions of digital advertising across all mediums and styles without compromising core business KPIs.”

Céline Largy, Global Media Director at L’Oréal Group, added, “Being the world’s fourth-largest advertiser, L’Oréal is dedicated to gauging and curtailing the Greenhouse Gas emissions produced by our digital media campaigns. The initial step in reducing our digital media carbon footprint is measurement. Partnering with IMPACT+ allows us to quantify the GHG emissions of all our digital media undertakings. With this data, we can then adjust and refine our digital media campaigns to reduce emissions and keep track of our advancements.”

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