In recent developments, GingerMay, the global agency renowned for its B2B tech communications, has officially attained its B Corp Certification. This not only endorses the agency’s sustainable values but also places them within a prominent group of international businesses that heavily focus on social and environmental responsibility, backed by both accountability and transparency.

In light of growing ecological awareness, businesses have become more discerning, seeking out sustainable partners. Deloitte’s recent research highlights that 46% of businesses now establish minimum sustainability criteria for their collaborators. By achieving B Corp status, GingerMay not only satisfies these ethical standards but also bolsters its client’s green credentials.

For businesses keen on environmental conservation and the promotion of social equity, collaborating with a B Corp Certified entity like GingerMay provides twofold benefits: aligned values and verified credibility. Concurrently, GingerMay’s meticulously assessed methods amplify the believability of their partners’ sustainability objectives, instilling a deeper, evidence-based confidence.

Expressing her commitment, Victoria Usher, CEO and Founder of GingerMay, stated, “I am determined to ensure that business is a force for good”. She further highlighted that the certification is a testament to GingerMay’s intent to remain a purpose-led catalyst for change. “One that is legally committed to making a positive and meaningful difference to people and the planet.” Usher also revealed that GingerMay is set to contribute between 0.5% and 1% of client fees towards pivotal causes, reflecting its B Corp commitment. This move facilitates clients to immediately effect positive change, especially those still establishing their frameworks. Crucially, these funds will support charities echoing the company’s core ethos of championing both humanity and the environment.

GingerMay has now made a binding promise to uphold the prestigious B Corp™ values, considered the gold standard for socially responsible businesses. As part of its ongoing commitment, the company plans to release an annual impact report evaluating its accomplishments against established stakeholder-approved objectives. This report will be made public upon its completion.

About GingerMay

GingerMay is a distinguished global agency specialising in integrated B2B tech communications. With a robust reputation bolstered by multiple awards, the agency is characterised by its meticulous approach, robust client-journalist relationships, and innovative thought processes. They have been instrumental in fostering commercial success for both established and emerging tech and digital advertising clientele spanning the UK, EMEA, APAC, and the US.

Now, as a B Corp™ Certified entity, GingerMay is reaffirming its dedication to its exceptional team. The agency aims to consistently deliver outstanding results for its clientele, contribute to the community, and champion ecological conservation.


Image: Left to Right: Amy Lawrence, Associate Director, Victoria Usher, Founder and CEO, Kirsty Langan, Head of Client Services (Photo: Business Wire)

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