B2B Marketing professionals may be interested in the recent release of a new PR coverage reporting tool, Coveragely. Designed to enhance the reporting process, the tool promises to improve productivity while reducing admin tasks for those in the Digital PR and SEO sectors.

Starting at a monthly fee of £49 and without any set contract period, Coveragely enables users to generate visually engaging, adaptable coverage books suitable for clients and stakeholders. These reports maintain their high-quality appearance across various devices and screen dimensions.

Before committing, potential users can experience a complimentary two-week trial without the necessity of submitting billing or credit card details.

One of the distinctive features of this tool is its capability to represent PR campaign coverage intertwined with domain metrics from diverse data sources. Standard data sources include Majestic and Moz. Moreover, it offers an integration feature that permits users to connect their Ahrefs and SEMrush API accounts, providing deeper insights.

Another valuable function is the link monitoring feature, ensuring that coverage reports are always updated with the latest acquired links.

To craft a report, users need to insert a list of URLs and their target domain. After this initial step, the coverage report can be fine-tuned to include specific elements like a logo, preferred metrics, and a bio. Once ready, the report can be shared through a unique URL or exported in formats such as PDF, CSV, or Google Doc.

To foster teamwork, the platform provides functionalities to establish an organization within the tool. This allows admins to invite members for collaboration. Multiple team-generated reports can be stored under a single organization, hosted on a dedicated subdomain, centralizing data for effortless access and management.

Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director at Coveragely, shared his insights on the launch:

“We know how vital it is to present PR coverage data that’s comprehensive, intuitive, and visually pleasing. With Coveragely, our goal was to empower marketers to produce profound reports swiftly, bypassing challenges like data management or spreadsheet usage. Our vision was to present a visual and clear reporting dashboard that demonstrates to clients and stakeholders the significance of their PR and SEO efforts.”

He added, “Recognizing the importance of gauging PR results in evaluating its success, we integrated the option to present domain metrics from major SEO data providers. This distinguishing aspect elevates Coveragely above its competitors, rendering it the most insightful PR coverage reporting tool presently available.”

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