While a significant majority (71%) of consumers believe that the digital experiences they encounter online are tailored specifically for them, only a third (33%) consider these experiences to be genuinely “personal.” This revelation comes from a recent report published today by Optimizely, a leading provider of digital experience platforms (DXP), emphasizing the need for brands to enhance their personalization strategies in order to deliver unforgettable and distinctive experiences that resonate with their customers.

The report, titled “Personalized to Personal,” draws on a study involving 100 marketing leaders and 1,000 consumers in the United Kingdom. It examines the current state of personalization and explores how brands are striving to optimize their efforts within an increasingly competitive market. One of the primary challenges faced by marketers is the prevalence of personalization technologies among their competitors, with 74% of marketers admitting it is difficult to stand out.

According to the findings, consumers express a strong desire for more individualized content, as two-thirds (70%) of respondents expressed frustration with supposedly targeted promotions that fail to align with their personal interests. Surprisingly, this sentiment remains prevalent even though 73% of brands have invested in personalized content for three or more years.

The report from Optimizely highlights the distinction between content that is merely targeted and content that is truly personal, asserting that the latter holds the key to success. In fact, 63% of consumers reveal that they would exhibit greater loyalty to a brand that demonstrates an understanding of their individual preferences.

To ensure that personalized content genuinely feels personal, 70% of marketers are integrating personalization and experimentation in their strategies, while 42% have made investments in new experimentation technologies to achieve this effectively.

“Personalization has been a fundamental aspect of digital marketing for over a decade, and as a result, many best practices have matured. Merely tailoring messages based on demographic assumptions is no longer sufficient to cut through the noise. Brands must optimize their existing personalization approach, and that requires experimentation.”

Shafqat Islam, the Chief Marketing Officer of Optimizely

By embracing experimentation, marketers gain the opportunity to explore new approaches, evaluate their effectiveness, and refine their strategies. This data-driven approach enables brands to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, leading to more meaningful engagements that foster a sense of individuality. In a marketplace where each purchase carries significant weight, treating customers as unique individuals, rather than part of a faceless crowd, can provide an invaluable competitive advantage.

To learn more about personalisation with Optimizely, visit https://www.optimizely.com/personalization/

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