Ciphr, a provider of HR software and solutions for medium and large UK-based organisations, announces a dynamic rebrand aimed at spotlighting the pivotal role of HR and people teams.

Ciphr’s rebrand is not merely a visual overhaul but a strategic move to position HR professionals at the forefront of its narrative. The fresh colour palette, logo, website, and content are meticulously designed to align with Ciphr’s people-centric ethos, emphasising the brand’s commitment to serving the integrated needs of HR, payroll, learning, and recruitment.

The rebrand introduces eye-catching visuals and engaging copy that resonates with the HR community. Chris Boddice, CMO at Ciphr, affirms the intention, stating, “This rebrand captures the essence of who we are and what we can do for UK organisations.”

The aim is to convey the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise that define Ciphr’s approach, fostering a memorable and human connection.

Amplifying the Voice and Value of HR

At the core of Ciphr’s rebrand is a mission to amplify the voice and value of HR. Recognising the often undervalued role of HR teams within organisations, Ciphr aims to reshape the narrative. CEO Sion Lewis highlights the significance of acknowledging HR’s pivotal role, stating, “Ciphr is on a mission to make sure HR’s voice is heard.”

Ciphr believes that with the right data and tools, HR teams can identify talent, trends, and opportunities crucial for business success. Lewis emphasises the potential of Ciphr’s HR software to provide invaluable insights that inform business strategy, automate processes, and allow HR teams to focus on developing their people.

Collaborative Rebranding Journey

Collaborating with Airborne Studio, Ciphr underwent a meticulous process involving extensive interviews and workshops with its own employees, many with backgrounds in HR, L&D, and payroll. The rebrand introduces a brighter colour palette, a more approachable logo design, contrasting typography, and illustrative flourishes that align with Ciphr’s warmth and people-first approach.

Luke Kelly, founder and creative director of Airborne Studio, commends Ciphr’s commitment to championing HR and empowering customers, reflecting the warmth and humanity that defines the company. The rebrand crystallises Ciphr’s vision into the powerful new brand positioning – ‘Amplify HR’.

With over 600 global organisations, including Volkswagen Group UK, Lifetime Training, and the Natural History Museum, trusting Ciphr, the rebrand signifies a new chapter in its commitment to transforming HR strategies and fostering organisational growth.

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