Leading site security specialist, BauWatch, has partnered with B2B PR and marketing agency, The Think Tank, to bolster its UK presence as it seeks to grow its footprint throughout Europe.

Renowned for providing top-tier outdoor surveillance systems to sectors such as national infrastructure, real estate, renewable energy, and long-term vacant properties, BauWatch has solidified its name as a primary temporary CCTV tower installer in Germany and The Netherlands. Their decision to establish a presence in the UK in 2021 was expedited by their acquisition by Haniel, a significant global investor with a turnover of £3 billion and a workforce exceeding 20,000.

As part of the collaboration, The Think Tank, led by PR Director Joanna Wilmot and supported by a dedicated team including Georgina Welsh, Tai Burke, and Niamh Meyer, will concentrate on enhancing the visibility of BauWatch’s expertise in AI-supported CCTV solutions. Their goal is to position BauWatch as a top-of-mind choice for site managers in the UK seeking dependable security options.

Joanna Wilmot, PR Director at The Think Tank, highlighted the challenges of the industry by stating, “Construction site theft leads to significant financial setbacks for the UK construction sector annually. However, showcasing the value of preventive measures like security can be challenging, given that the best result is often an absence of incidents.” Wilmot further elaborated on their robust PR strategy which includes diverse tactical measures, such as newsjacking and thought leadership, while also emphasizing BauWatch’s philanthropic endeavors.

Adding his perspective, Alex Fenwick, Head of Performance Marketing at BauWatch, noted the importance of raising BauWatch’s visibility to maintain their upward growth trajectory. Fenwick praised The Think Tank for their understanding and innovative approach to BauWatch’s needs, expressing enthusiasm for the expected outcomes of the collaboration.

The Think Tank, headquartered in London, boasts three decades of experience in B2B marketing, particularly in the construction sector. Co-founded by MD Liam Bateman, the agency has worked with significant names including NBS, Glenigan, and Saint Gobain, among others.

About The Think Tank: Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023, The Think Tank is an award-winning B2B marketing, PR, and digital agency, recognized globally for its branding, marketing campaigns, and media relations.

About BauWatch: For over a decade, BauWatch has been Europe’s top choice for temporary CCTV tower installations. Their systems have been instrumental in deterring criminal activities at high-risk construction sites across Europe. Comprehensive details about their services are available on their official website, BauWatch.

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