Vast Outreach, a digital solution provider, has announced the introduction of its latest application aimed at redefining the way companies approach lead generation and outbound B2B marketing. This application gives businesses the capacity to identify leads on a global scale through platforms such as Google Maps, LinkedIn, and its own database of e-commerce stores. Furthermore, it streamlines the outreach process by automating messages via website contact forms and email.

The advancement brought about by Vast Outreach’s application promises a streamlined method of identifying, engaging, and following up with potential clients. This aims to address the challenges of the often lengthy lead generation procedure by making it more efficient.

Scott Gould, Vast Outreach’s Founder, remarked, “Vast Outreach goes beyond merely producing leads. It reimagines how companies engage potential clients. By incorporating automation, we empower businesses to refine their outreach. The application offers a new competitive advantage, especially by harnessing the extensive resources available on Google Maps and LinkedIn.”

Ensuring ease of use, the application’s design includes an intuitive interface, which doesn’t demand extensive technical expertise. Catering to diverse businesses, irrespective of their scale or sector, its distinct algorithm ensures a consistent flow of premium leads to aid businesses in today’s challenging marketplace.

For an in-depth understanding of the application and its features, Vast Outreach has made available a detailed demo video on its website,


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