The Industry Club, a prominent recruiter and training partner in the marketing and media sector, celebrates its 13th anniversary with a significant move towards employee ownership.

Founder and Managing Director, Melissa Smith, announces the transfer of 100% shareholding to an Employee Ownership Trust, ensuring all staff members have a stake in the present and future of the company.

Commenting on the transition, Smith expresses her commitment to empowering the dedicated team: “I wanted to give our loyal team the opportunity to have a more significant share in the business and its future. Moving to employee ownership means our carefully curated culture can be preserved and protected, ensuring our combined experience benefits our clients and industry.”

Team Collaboration and Experience

The transition to employee ownership sees a team of 10 co-owning the business, leveraging their diverse industry experience to deliver exceptional service. With an average staff tenure of seven years, well above the industry norm, The Industry Club fosters an environment of longevity and expertise, enhancing its ability to understand and address client needs effectively.

In addition to the ownership transition, The Industry Club demonstrates its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The company pledges support to Just One Tree, contributing to global tree reforestation efforts for every new client, brief, and placement made. Furthermore, The Industry Club sponsors The Gerety Awards, aligning with its values of diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry.

Annie Wigley, Employee Representative on the Trust Board, emphasises the inclusive nature of the transition: “More than ever, all suggestions and opinions are valued, fostering a new energy and excitement as we shape our business and its future together.”

Building Resilience and Community Engagement

Smith highlights the broader impact of employee-owned businesses on the economy: “Diverse business structures like employee-owned firms are key in building resilience and pushing boundaries. With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, employee-owned businesses play a vital role in community engagement.”

As the transition unfolds, Smith reassures her ongoing support: “Transferring ownership is a vote of confidence in a team that has contributed so much to our success over the years. I’ll continue to champion and fully support them as they grow into the roles I know they’re capable of.”

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